Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Inspiration House

Here is a picture of the house that served as our inspiration. Jack and I designed the inside, ourselves.The front will look identical, minus the gazebo on the right side of the porch. The dormer windows in the front roof will not be present, as we have designed the house to have a loft in the back half of the house. But, otherwise, the front elevation of the house is the same. Our garage will be off to the left of the porch at an angle. Woods will surround our house to the rear and side, and the front will look out over our yard...which is visited by so many birds, and deer, and bear and other woodsy critters.

Beneath the fron porch will be doors and windows into the family room. This part of the house will be stone rather than log.

The logs arrive in early from that point on, there will be much activity to chronicle. For now, things are mostly rubble! (as you can see below)


  1. Ok, I am soooo drooling over your soon to be log not invite me to visit, you may never get rid of me cuz I'll either be in the pink & lavender guest room reading or out in the pasture playing with O'mally... lol!

  2. Oh wow! That is a stunning house!! I hope everything goes well and goes smoothly for you!

    Best wishes, from Meg and cats xxx

  3. Good luck with it all, Bev, I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    Kim x

  4. Oh My! I can't wait for you to get your logs!!!!!! Did you order your screen door for the pantry yet?! xox

  5. Bev, it's going to be just awesome. I'm going to enjoy watching it be built...I want to know how large your sewing studio is going to be?! Now, don't tell me it's still in a, no, no...LOL :0) I've driven by many similar log cabins this week up here in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. And drum roll please, we have found our new home up here! It's turned out to be a home with what I call "primitive wood siding" with a combination of tongue and groove wood and drywall on the interior with lots of glass up high and lots of has two levels of wraparound porches and we got those mountain and valley views we wanted...Yahoo!!! Lots of sprucing up needed's going to be lovely. I love that we both are preparing to move into the home of our dreams!

    ((((Hugs to you))))


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