Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O'Malley's Winter Attire

Brought to you straight from the Bee Haven Acres fashion runway........the latest in winter wear.....Miss O'Malley in her winter parka!

In the summer, O'Malley wears a beautiful, sleek red fur coat. However, toward the end of the summer she begins to grow a very soft and downy overcoat. She ends up looking more like a sheep by the time autumn rolls around... except for the red racing stripe right down the middle of her back! She is the only one of our goats with this phenomenon....the rest get a little woolly, but retain their same basic look all year round. Come spring, she will shed this downy coat by the handfuls and once again return to her sleek, "svelte" self.

O'Malley is a Bee Haven Acres favorite. Although we love all of our critters, she holds a soft spot in our hearts. Poor conformation...such as stout body and short, bowed legs have prevented her from joining our breeding stock. However, her gentle, friendly disposition makes her the perfect pet.


  1. mmmm, snuggle snuggle love this winters goat muzzles smell as nice as horse muzzles? Let me know!

  2. Well, now that opens up a whole can of worms. The girls tend to smell sweet...but only if they stay away from those stinky bucks. The bucks have this nasty little habit of spraying their chins with yuck-pooey smell when nuzzling the boys!


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