Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maddie Loves Helen

Poor, dear blind Helen has been moved to yet another home. This time I think she is much happier. She now occupies the yard and house that were originally built for our yet to be acquired heirloom turkeys. She seems to be thriving very close to her other chicken "friends" (although I use that term they would peck her to death if given the chance.) She spends her day looking through the tall grass for tasty bugs and such. She has even begun to lay her daily egg. It seems she enjoys whatever company happens along and is not averse to an occasional petting. Today, Maddie, our Newfie has decided to camp out with her.


  1. poor Helen..glad she can count on Maddie

  2. Awww...I'm glad she seems to be doing better and that she has a friend!

  3. At least Maddie is a "gentle giant"! Only you (and birds of a feather aka ME) would rescue and care for a blind chicken!!!
    What is an heirloom turkey? I'm not up on my bird info yet.

  4. sweet Maddie & Helen, "love is blind! lol!

  5. Hey Bev,

    I'm so happy that Helen is thriving...maybe just being close to the other hens gives her a sense of community (even though they would do away with her :0(

    Maddie is a good hensitter. :0)



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