Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Demolition Continues

Here is how the old house looks today. The garage is completely deconstructed. The excavator dug a hole in one of our fields....and there we will bury just drywall and cinderblock. Everything else in the house will be recycled! Yay!!!! Who's head is that peeking into this picture???

I spent much of the day in the asparagas patch....weeding and mulching. Now is the time to get our garden tucked in for the winter. See my constant companion? She's not much help and very often lies right in the middle of my work, but she is great company and very generous with kisses!

Are you done yet, Mom?


  1. It looks like you are making good progress. It is tough to wait until it's done. So exciting but alot of work.

  2. Your freshly dug or turned bed is the perfect spot for a lovely dog to relax! What a caring owner you are....I to have a large black dog that thinks the world revolves around her! Great photo!

  3. Love your Newfy!!My Mom has one.I have Great Danes though.Yours reminds me of my MOMs Molly.I can't wait to see your cabin.Looks like your cottage will be warm and snuggly for the winter though.Were getting ready for winter here in WV too,with the hens,rabbits,ducks, etc..Hugs,Jen


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