Thursday, September 18, 2008

Murphy's Law Continues

Things have been relatively calm around the farm this escapes. Chickens, ducks, and guineas are all seemingly happy. Even blind Helen, the white chicken who lives by the goats, has started to lay eggs.

Sadly, though, two of the horses are lame. Becky has been training with Fagner all summer to get him ready for cross country eventing. Fagner is a wonderful partner. He is eager to please and truly enthusiastic about training. Becky has been so excited about finally having the ability to enter him into they have trained so very hard. So, as she describes it, she "bumped his training up a notch" and he came up lame with a suspensory problem. She describes Fag has her "delicate flower" always with an issue or two. I know no horse who is more loved or better cared for than Fag... Well, it is very disappointing, because this is an indication that he will never be able to compete.

Becky's second horse is Ava, but Ava is only a year old and not ready to train for riding yet. As luck would have it, Ava came in from the pasture limping on her front leg the other night. She seems to have a problem with her right front shoulder. This necessitates more stall time and quiet turn outs....which for a young, spirited horse like Ava is difficult. Becky's greatest fear is that she sustained a kick in that area and possibly fractured her shoulder. Time will tell. Until that time comes, there is really nothing to do but wait and send healing thoughts to Ava. Your help would be greatly appreciated in that area!
On a lighter note: This Saturday is castration day!! Some of this year's bucklings (who are not going to provide stud service) will be having a bit of surgery. Becky (my sister-in-law, the Vet) will perform the surgery and Jack and I will assist. More details after Saturday. The thing is, there are always funny stories associated with castrations....stay tuned!


  1. Poor Becky...I feel badly for her..I'll bet the bucklings don't think it's so funny

  2. I am still giggling about the "lighter note" and the castration. You farm girls are a hoot. What a facinating life - good for you! :)Nancy


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