Friday, September 19, 2008

Ava Update

You might have read in an earlier post that Ava came up lame. Becky x-rayed her yesterday and found that she has a fracture in her right front elbow. This should heal without problems, we hope. For now, Ava is on stall confinement with just an hour turn out by herself twice a day.

Also....tomorrow is the big day for Forrest and Spider and his brother. They have all matured and become full bucks, so it is time for neutering. Here is Spider in all his male glory...see how he has matured!!
Oh, and PS: That new troup of guineas that I accidentally freed 2 weeks ago...has gone AWOL. And so Murphy's Law continues. Last we heard they were about a mile down the road at a neighboring farm. (We've ordered be delivered next week).


  1. Such a beautiful farm. We have a horse, but we need to keep it at a barn about thirty minutes away. It must be wonderful to live on a farm surrounded by so many wonderful creatures. Karen

  2. sorry to hear about Ava..hope she heals fast. by the way..I hope you'll join the seed exchange on my blog.


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