Monday, June 16, 2008

Poor Forrest

Registration time has rolled around again. That means that all of our fainting goats that were born this spring need to be registered as pure fainting goats. In order to do this, several photos are necessary. Photos of each goat showing both sides' markings and a photo of each in a "faint" are the requirements.

This weekend we set about the task of obtaining the required photos. While this looks like it might be fun, I find it to be pitiful. I have a hard time causing an animal sheer terror like this. Unfortunately it is a necessary part of the business. My kids, however, have no trepidation about this task. So with Jack on video, me on digital camera, the kids had the job of scaring the goats. For some reason, we had a much harder time accomplishing our goal than we expected. Forrest was the only cooperative goat this attempt..... Success!....poor Forrest.
Notice my serious tone of voice....this may be just as stressful for me as it is for the goats.

The Dwarf Nigerian goats live a much less stressful life. They seem to be afraid of nothing and no-one. Just entering their pen has become slightly hazzardous these they all seem to want to share the love! This is my son(minus his left ear) from N.C. here for his first goatie visit....


  1. maybe you have a hard time getting them to faint because they are so comfortable around you and not afraid..there should be another way

  2. I do feel sorry for the goats. It's a shame you have to scare them like that.

    On a lighter note, it looks like it won't be the last visit to the DN goats for your son!! The goats are so cute! It's a good job they don't get much bigger than that with those horns!
    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  3. Oh gosh, the fainting goat thing would be stressful for me to :o/ The dairygoats I had went to the show ring and they cannot enter the ring with as kids they are disbudded...ouch...oh, how I stressed through that...didn't like it all. The horns provide a natural cooling mechanism so I thought it was unjust to have them removed.


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