Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little More Goat Fun

Here is dear hubby with "the kids"...can you imagine how dangerous this is going to be when they are all full grown? And....with full grown horns? Yikes.....


  1. Body armour for sure..those hooves are bad enough but the horns are something else..Yeah, they think since they got in your lap at 10 pounds that at 100 pounds it's still ok!

    I also experienced a jersey cow that had been raised as a pet and so she had not a glue how dangerous those horns of her were..she'd run up just a swinging that head back and forth to be petted of course..LOL Talk about fear for your life..ROTF

  2. one could get hurt under those conditions,,,you need to build a mountain for them to climb..yet another project

  3. What a fantastic video! That was wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing.


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