Friday, May 9, 2008

A Taste of Spring

Last year we planted at least 30 asparagas roots. They all came up and we had lovely fern-like plants in one corner of our garden. Being that they were so new, we restrained from eating any of their tender them adequate time to establish themselves and healthy plants. This year, however, we have been treated to a short feast of the freshest, greenest, sweetest, most tender asparagas shoots stalks that I have ever tasted. Again we must restrain ourselves. We are limiting our consumption to two weeks of cutting to again give our young plants adequate time to strongly mature. Next year will be a whole new chapter. I am hoping that we will be up to our necks in asparagas next Spring. I can hardly wait to make homemade cream of asparagas soup and eat it fresh until I just about explode! What we are unable to consume, we will freeze. But til then we will have to be satisfied with just a taste of things to come.


  1. Hi Beverly, I have never tried to grow asparagas. You make it sound so easy! Maybe I will give it a try, you inspired me!
    love, Ann

  2. Growing Asparagas is not difficult at all! A little bit of work in the beginning and lots of patience will pay off in a big way! Do you know that the asparagas that you buy in the grocery store has already started degrading by the time you eat it....the only way to get truly fresh stalks are to grow them yourself!


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