Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Star's Starbabies....Finally

You must admit, Star's triplets are adorable...and they are all mini versions of her. This is a picture of Sheryl-lyn, a friend from MaryJane's Farm who came to spend the day on the farm. She is holding Star's tiny doeling, born 2 days ago. Her brothers were a little shy and spent most of their time in their warming hut.

Star's triplets came as a bit of a surprise as only two kids were seen on ultrasound. Ash has yet to deliver hers....maybe she will have a surprise for us also!


  1. So tiny..they just beg to be cuddled..have fun naming them

  2. I miss the baby!! I just had the best time at your farm and wish we lived closer.

    The song you have on your blog (Wonderful World) was popular again when my lovely daughter was born. It made me smile to hear it here.

  3. Oh heavens, Bev, you're killing me with these ADORABLE goat babies!! They are sooo tiny!

  4. Oh Bev, Star's babies are ADORABLE and so tiny! I love the picture of Sheryl-lyn! How nice she came to the farm to visit! I hope someday I can do the same! I am sure you are very thankful that all the mommy goats and their babes are all doing so well. There must be some cute sounds going on at the farm! Have a wonderful weekend sweet Bev! Hugs, Maryjane


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