Friday, March 21, 2008

More New Baby Goats!!!

Today was an extremely busy day in the Bee Haven Acres Nursery. Missy gave birth to a tiny blue-eyed,tri-color buckling. He is just the handsomest!!Here is Becky with Missy's new buckling...treating his cord with betadine...
And Myrtle gave birth to a black and white, blue-eyed doeling and a black and white, blue-eyed buckling. They are a matched set. We are so proud of Myrtle...she is the only one of our gals to produce a doe. Meanwhile, Jills boys (re-named Forest and Bubba) are wild and crazy. They run and hop and climb and jump most of the day. Their antics are so comical. And they are both just so lovable and cuddly!


  1. congratulations to the marking on Missy's kids side

  2. They are gorgeous and oh so cuddly looking...great job Mommas!

  3. WooHoo!! Those blue eyes are the coolest, aren't they?! I only had 5 Nigerian Dwarfs...One of my bucks names was "Roger Rabbit"...white with black spots and blue eyes...all the ladies loved him..LOL

    So glad everyone is healthy and bouncing.

  4. too cute! Oh! I am getting a blue eyed black and white buckling for my birthday *U* Yours are cuter though...

  5. Yeah! More babies! So happy for you Bev! They are just darling and healthy! Hugs, Maryjane Lee


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