Monday, March 17, 2008

Chicken Relocation Project

Well, it seems that 26 chicken poulets make quite a bit of dust when housed in one's garage....and so it was time to move the chicken babies to their new quarters. Mike and Becky have been housing these little gals first in their bathroom in horse tubs and then later in their garage. These gals have grown and grown and are starting to fly a with all that flapping going on, it was time to move to a chicken house.

We loaded them into a large trash can, placed them on the back of the gator and trecked over to the older chicken house, where we introduced them to their new heated house.

They will stay indoors here until the weather gets a bit warmer and then will be allowed out into the chicken yard at will. Eventually this flock will be introduced to our main chicken house and yard with our other 7 layers. They seemed to adapt t0 their new housing quite quickly. This coop is complete with warming lamp, a warming hut, plenty of fresh water and growing mash.....yummy!


  1. glad they are to be's going to be in the 20's at night thru easter..hope they like their new digs

  2. Hope they like their new house! I feel like humans need heat lamps at times:)
    Love the names for the boys by the way!
    From Meg and cats xxx


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