Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello From the Farm

It seems that lately my camera has been on video rather than still shots. It also seems that the animals sense that they are being captured on "film" because they are always ready to ham it up or investigate.

The latest news at Bee Haven Acres is the 26 chicks that are now living in Mike and Becky's basement. (You might remember that Becky is my hubby's sister (A Veterinarian) and they built their log home on BHA also.) Mike moved a horse tub into his downstairs bathroom to house this adorable mix of tiny chickens until the weather is warm enough for them to move outside. By that time they will be large enough to move into the henhouse. There are chicks in every color combination...unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me when I went to see them. Pictures to come....

On order are 8 peacocks (male and female). You might ask what we are going to do with EIGHT peafowl? I am not sure, but they do look pretty and will have plenty of acreage to roam. They, along with the guineas will be allowed to free range all over the farm (and I am sure will make frequent visits to the neighbors...thank God we have tolerant neighbors!)

This past weekend we had visitors. My daughter Jenn and her other half, Bryan and his son Hunter spent the weekend with us. Hunter helped with all the farm chores and especially liked feeding the goats and gathering the eggs. He was a bit wary of the horses...but soon realized that they are all just big, gentle sweethearts with a fondness for peppermints! Jenn and Bryan brought their new puppy, Rocky, who is a boxer and replaces the two dogs that they just lost at the beginning of the year (very sad story). Rocky is nine weeks old and just adores our Newfie Maddie as you can see in the next video....

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  1. the U-Tube videos aren't as crisp as the others!!!!
    glad to see that Sadie joined in


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