Monday, September 24, 2007

The Center of My World

I need to take a moment here to thank the man that makes my dreams come true. So often, when I have written a post...he will say "Why is my picture never in your blog?" Truly the reason is this. Most of the time I have my camera pointed at nature or the farm animals. So here, dear husband,is your chance to stand up and be counted!

To all who read my blog, this is Jack.....and he is the most wonderful husband in the world!

Signs of Autumn

All around the farm, there are signs of autumn. Mornings are chilly. The leaves are turning. The corn stalks are dry. The pumpkins are ready to harvest. The caterpillars have donned their wooly coats.

The garden is just about finished with the exception of a never ending supply of tomatoes and peppers. Honey production is slowing down and soon it will be time for another harvest. The new blueberry field made it through the summer with a few emergency waterings. The challenge ahead will be to combat the scavenging crows. We are considering building a reverse to keep the birds out!

The animals are much happier with the cooler temperatures. You can tell by the smile on Donnie Brasco's face:

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Life Cycle of Gardening....

Bee Haven Acres is coming into the close of our harvesting season. We are inundated with tomatoes, corn,and peppers but most of the other vegetables have gone to seed. Our last zucchinis, cabbages, cucumbers, green beans and broccoli were harvested this weekend. Pumpkins remain on their dying vines, waiting for use in Autumn displays around the farm.

Although some of the vegetables still look good and remain nutritious, some of the cooler weather crops have begun to taste bitter and strong. We still have carrots and potatoes in the ground that need to be harvested. All in all, it was a magnificent growing season. It was also a learning experience. Next year we will rotate our crops and try new techiniques. Our garden is always a bit of a biology experiment.

Along with plant life, the garden is still teeming with insect life.....and the cycle goes on and on and on.....


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