Monday, September 3, 2007

The Life Cycle of Gardening....

Bee Haven Acres is coming into the close of our harvesting season. We are inundated with tomatoes, corn,and peppers but most of the other vegetables have gone to seed. Our last zucchinis, cabbages, cucumbers, green beans and broccoli were harvested this weekend. Pumpkins remain on their dying vines, waiting for use in Autumn displays around the farm.

Although some of the vegetables still look good and remain nutritious, some of the cooler weather crops have begun to taste bitter and strong. We still have carrots and potatoes in the ground that need to be harvested. All in all, it was a magnificent growing season. It was also a learning experience. Next year we will rotate our crops and try new techiniques. Our garden is always a bit of a biology experiment.

Along with plant life, the garden is still teeming with insect life.....and the cycle goes on and on and on.....


  1. Bev, Love the pictures....your farm is just beautiful :o) And Moonbeam is just the right sized horse for me!!

  2. everything looks great except for those huge grasshoppers munching away on things!..actually they look neat too, but from an entomologists point of view..ha.not from a gardeners point of view.

  3. What a beautiful farm. Even the grasshoppers look like it's ok for them to be there.

  4. Those grasshoppers are awesome!
    I was very impressed by your photos, I only stopped by to alert you to a contest on my blog at, but had to stop and stay awhile!


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