Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome Guinea Hens

The newest Bee Haven Acres additions arrived while Jack and I were at the beach. A small "peeping" package arrived to our brother-in-law Mike containing 13 tiny, assorted guinea hen peeps. He thinks there are three varieties represented, however if peruse the picture you will see white ones and grey ones. Apparently there are some subtle differences amongst the greys. It is going to be great fun to watch these tiny babies grow into the unusual grownup versions.

At this time, Mike is gently acclimatizing the peeps. Their temporary nursery is the greenhouse and their "incubator" is a water trough. Here, Mike can regulate the temperature of their environment and slowly wean them down into cooler temperatures. We are presently in the middle of a heat wave, but these little peeps whose species originated in Africa don't seem to mind!

It is our hope that once these girls grow up, they help to diminish our insect population - ticks being one of their delicacies! They may also serve as a security alarm system for our other foul as these birds are quite loud in the presence of predators.


  1. They are just sweet babies. Also they are the best a being early warning systems. great watch birds. Hope all works out. MB

  2. that's quite alot of them..they will get loud! they are cute though.

  3. Bev,
    Ok lost my post, off into neverland. So, they are so cute and fuzzy, lets see more pictures when they get a little bigger. Yea hot is the word here too. Isn't it always the best to get home after being away? I sometimes wonder why I go away at all since I'am always so glad to be home.
    What is that picture at the top of your blog? Is that your house? I love the building, whatever it is.
    Boy I DO go on don't I? I didn't really have that much coffee today either, maybe its the heat.

  4. I'm so sorry...

    I mean, Wow! Congratulations!


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