Monday, May 27, 2013

We Have Been Away....Far Away!

I am happy to share with you that we have returned safe and sound to the farm!
I'll bet you didn't even know we were going away.
I know, I was really sneaky about it.'s the story:

Last Saturday we boarded a plane (Hubbs, me, Amanda and Tim, Andy and Ashley, and Ryan)...
destination: Sedona, Arizona for a week's family adventure vacation.
Sadly, Tyler and his Mommy could not join us on this trip. (Next time, Jenn!)

Although I missed the farm and our animals, we had a blast.
The animals were well cared for by our friends Jim and Kathy.
The dogs had a live-in sitter, Kelley...who takes the best care of them...
even reads them a bed time story!

We stayed in a beautiful canyon, ate our fair share of Tex/Mex, 
and filled our days with non-stop action.


Amanda, waiting to tackle the next obstacle.

Flagstaff Extreme (a treetop ropes obstacle course),

Me, finishing an obstacle.
where we climbed...

Andy and Ashley, climbing higher to the next level
walked on tight ropes...
(yes, that's me 50 feet in the air on a tight rope!)

flew across the sky on zip lines...

and completely exhausted ourselves for 4 hours.

Hubbs, navigating the "bridge".

That evening our Andy proposed to his Ashley.

The proposal took place in a lovely restaurant...just the two of them.
This picture was taken the next day.

Luckily for all of us, she said yes!  
(We are so happy at the prospect of having Ashley join our family!)
We later toasted their engagement on a sunset hike to the top of a mountain,

Amanda and Tim
Ryan and Hubbs

where we sat and watched the sun sink into the western Arizona horizon...

turning the mountains a beautiful deep rust as it set.

Monday we took a Segway tour...

up and down the hills of Sedona.  

We also took an extreme jeep tour of the rocks and hills.

Getting "up close and personal" views of the countryside.

We swam at the pool,

played tennis and croquet,

hiked and mountain biked.

Late in the week we drove to the Grand Canyon and took a mule ride 

to the Abyss overlook.

These are just a few of the highlights.
The week was crammed full of fun.
But the best part of all, was coming back home to the farm again.

Taking a vacation during Spring gives me the opportunity to be
here on the farm for all of the most important time of year...
garden season!
The garden is growing like crazy and we are now eating lettuce, spinach,
kale, chard, radishes, and scallions.
Very soon we will be inundated with fresh veggies.

Happy Memorial Day to you all!
I will be back tomorrow with more tails from the farm...
as we return to the ebb and flow of daily life on the farm.
It's great to be home!


  1. what a trip!!! i love that area. we used to visit there when our kids were young. i am scared of heights so i would have stayed firmly on the ground! i bet the animals missed you a lot. congrats to andy and ashley...what a cute couple!

  2. What a wonderful vacation you guys had. I don't know if I could have participated in all the height adventures. My hands got sweaty just looking at the photos.

  3. Now that looks and sounds like a fabulous, excellent, perfect family trip! Plus in gorgeous Sedona . . . (never been there, but a "maybe" planned for next winter.). Great adventure . . . having done a ropes course I know the excitement of the challenges.

    Welcome home, thank you for sharing bits and pieces of the trip. Congratulations to the engagement couple!

  4. What a fab place to go. We used to drive to Sedona from Phoenix often when we lived out that way. The Red Rock area is just awesome! I'm so glad you and your family enjoyed yourselves there as well. :)

  5. Wow, what a trip you took! My parents retired to Arizona and we have visited there many times. But we never had the adventures you did, though we did go gold panning once:)

  6. What a wonderful vacation you all had..Happy memories..So happy for Ashley and Andy..I would have been back at the pool waiting for you all to come back dragging your tired bodies..Looks like a fun packed week..Missed you..glad you're back..

  7. such happy memories you'll all have. Congratulations...

    Annie v.

  8. It sounds like a wonderful vacation - so glad you were able to get away. But it's always nice to come home. Hugs!

  9. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours! What a wonderful trip filled with lots of precious memories. Hubby and I went to Mesa last March and took a day trip up to Sedona-it is so breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Fantastic photos ! Looks like all had a great time ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  11. What a great family vacation! Looks like y'all had fun.

    You weren't too far from us. It's beautiful country in a different sort of way from what we're used to back east. And you're right... there's nothing like being back home surrounded by familiar beauty. (Hubby & I miss our place every once in a while. We're hanging in there though, and focusing on our dream!)

    Welcome back!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful vacation. It is so beautiful there, I would love to see it up close and personal again.

  13. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful time.


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