Friday, September 28, 2012

Swimming Holes and Doughnut Holes

On one of the last warm days that we had here on the farm,
I caught Oakley in his favorite "cool down" spot.
Rejecting our pond, he prefers a much smaller "swimming" hole...

Actually, Oakley (part Lab....go figure)  doesn't swim...ever.

He prefers dunking...

And splashing....

As for Sammy....this is about as wet as he ever gets!

Cool, crisp, cloudy Autumn days stir my soul and stimulate my nesting instinct.
The past few have been grey and drizzly.

It's days like these that make me want to spend hours in the house,
decorating for fall,


burning spicy soy candles,

and enjoying a pot of hot tea.
(Won't you join me?)

Gardening chores are at a minimum now,

giving me time to spend in my sewing room.
I've started a quilt.... a little girl's piggy quilt....
I'll share when it is finished.

Hubbs and I are spending a very quiet weekend here at the farm...
making these  (Yum!)
 and enjoying the Autumn weather and relaxing.
Hope you are doing the same!!


  1. hehehe! big dog in a little puddle - ADORABLE! our dog is scared to death of our pool, he won't go near it ... i'm not sure what he'd do with a nice sized puddle though!

    i'm ready for fall weather. those crisp days we had last week were wonderful ... i'm not liking this humidity that came back ... i was hoping we were rid of it for the rest of the year!!!

  2. Your fall decorations are lovely.. and so are those recipes! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like it's going to be a weekend full of goodies . The weather here has been sunny with cool breezes just perfect . Miggy likes to dive in the river we have around . Oakley looks like hes having a ball ! Lovely photos and awesome fall decor ! Have a wonderful weekend !

  4. Love the pics of the dogs. It's a good thing I live in town or I would have a dozen. I've finally have had to admit summer is over and Fall is here. I absolutely love Fall but wasn't ready for it. So after this weekend's camping trip I'll get my act together. Hugs!!

  5. Oakley is no dummy...he has his own private spa!

  6. hehehhe, dog!
    beatiful blog!

  7. The dogs are adorable, the asters gorgeous and I absolutely love the fall arrangement. Fall is definitely here!

  8. Your asters are simply gorgeous this time of year. You have a way with fall decorations, too...

  9. The cool days always bring out the warm fuzzies inside. Love the dogs swimming. Have a wonderful and quiet weekend.

  10. Looks like Oakley prefers his own private swimming hole! lol

  11. Looks like a lovely weekend. I just love the dogs playing in their swimming hole. Sometimes it's nice to have a friend along even if they don't share your enthusiasm.

  12. Hi Bev,
    He looks like he really is enjoying himself in the puddles. Any water source is good for play time.
    Oh how I wish fall would arrive here.. I love your fall decorations.
    Have a wonderful week

  13. A delightful post from beginning to end! Thanks for stopping by my site.


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