Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Don't Even Know What To Call This!

I am sure that it seems like life is always rosy around the farm...
my daughter always says I describe life like "rainbows and blue skies",
but I have to say...

This week I feel like crying "UNCLE!"

Let me start my story with the ending....

Yes, that's Sam...looking like he had a rough night at the bar.
"What's wrong with him?" you ask, chuckling.

Well, let's turn the hands of the clock back to yesterday morning....

I started out my Wednesday just like any other...
up at the crack of dawn, 
let the dogs out,
check email,
eat a bit of breakfast.

6:00 AM...Oakley is at the back door wanting in.
He comes into the house shaking his head...obviously annoyed by something.
I call him to me so I can check for the obvious....skunk odor.
No odor.
I see this....

I grab his collar, call Amanda, who is on her way out the door to work,
"Hold Oakley by the collar...I have to get Becky!"
Out the door I fly and up to Becky's barn....
"Oakley got hit by a porcupine!!" I cry.
"Let me get my truck... I'll be right there!" she says.

I get back to the house where Oakley is patiently, but traumatically, waiting...
and I say to Amanda "Have you seen Sam?"
I call him. "Sam, here Sam."
Sam appears....

OMG! Not.  Sam.  Too!!!

By 6:30, both dogs are anesthetized and Becky starts the task of pulling out the quills
(which, by the way, have a barb on the end, so they rip a bit when they come out).

Oakley had about 40 on his nose, lips, chin,
in his nose, on his tongue, in his gums, in his palate....awful!

Sam had 10 in his lips and nose.

Poor boys, I felt so very sorry for them.

"Don't let them back out in the woods," Becky says.
"They will most likely go and try to finish what they started.  Dogs just don't seem
to learn when it comes to porcupines!"

After some medication to reverse the anesthesia, both dogs were a little loopy for a while.

They spent most of the rest of the day moping around the house.
I'll be keeping them close by my side for the next week or so...
hoping that Mr. Porcupine moves on to another location!

Well, that was the start to my Wednesday.
I figured it could only get better!
How about you....
any excitement in your life??

If you need some, we have enough to go around!


  1. OMG is right! Poor puppy dogs. Let's hope they are doing good today and that a lesson was learned? You never know with dogs. Sometimes they learn the lesson and sometimes not.

  2. Awww...poor dogs! Life on a farm is definitely an adventure...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank goodness for Becky!

  3. Oh my goodness, living where you live with porcupines and skunks, sounds worse than here in Australia with the snakes and spiders!!!

    Hope the boys have learned their lesson and think twice, or even three times, before going near another porcupine.

  4. Eek. Ouch, that hurt. Poor guys. Well, that's one thing I don't have to worry over my dogs about. Here's hoping Sam and Oakley learned a good lesson, maybe : )

  5. Poor puppies! You are so lucky to have Vet Becky as your next door neighbor. Tell Oakley and Sam next time to stick to the skunks.

  6. OMG poor things , poor you with the worry. Its not all a bowl full of cherries running a farm I know that from experiance always something happening. Glad the boys are ok now . Love the photos of sam over the shoulder such a soppy thing. Nothing exciting going on here thank goodness I can do with out excitement like that lol . Hope you have a good day today !

  7. This is for sure a OMG!!!
    Poor babies! Can't believe they wouldn't learn from this!

  8. OMG! Those poor babies. I hope you and the dogs have a better day today!

  9. Poor babies!!! Ouch! Thank goodness for Becky close or you would have had to load them up for a drive also. Tell those doggies to stay out of the woods, never a dull moment! Life on the farm!

  10. If I could live my life over again, I would love to be so blessed to have a vet in my back yard. Please let us know how the guy 's are doing.

  11. Oh o feel so bad for them ouch! !!!!!

  12. Poor doggies! Thank goodness you have your own personal vet in Becky!

  13. Poor guys, thank goodness for Dr.Becky

  14. Poor pups! So lucky you have a Dr. Becky!

  15. I'm pretty sure your Wed got better...Poor puppies..Very glad Becky was there...Do you think they learned anything?? I feel for them..What a way for ya'll to start the day?? How are they today???

  16. Oh Sam looks positively pathetic! It could be worse, really:) Any why do dogs not learn when it comes to things like skunks or porcupines? You are lucky to have Becky so close to help out!

  17. Lucky you have a vet "onsite",an ordinary day seldom stays that way. I have to say they look like punk rockers with all those piercings though. I'm glad they are ok.

  18. That is terrible! I hope they make a good recovery AND stay away from that porcupine!

  19. Oh my gosh....those poor babies!!!! Thank goodness for Becky!!!! So, where is it that Porcupines live?

  20. Oh no, poor babies! That's got to hurt. So thankful for Becky!

  21. OMGosh, how horrible! Those poor babies! They were so lucky to have their mommie and aunt so close by!

  22. OMG BEV...poor Oakley and Sam ...thank heaven's for Dr Becky! Those quills must have hurt terribly going in but I bet they're a lot more sore after having them taken out. Let's hope they really DO remember this lesson and have a bit of respect for the next porcupine they meet up with. Better yet let's hope they NEVER meet up with another ever again!


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