Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turkey Talk

I thought I would share a little turkey talk with you today.
After spending almost two years with these three comical birds,
I've got to say....
turkeys are just about the coolest birds you can have.

Ours, as you know, follow us all over the farm...
always curious about what we are doing.

Turkeys have a long fingerlike projection that hangs over their beak,
called a snood.

The amazing thing about this snood, is how it changes throughout the day.
When our turkeys first get up in the morning,
their snoods are tight against their foreheads like a unicorn's horn,
with absolutely no pigmentation...pure white.

Then as they strut around for a few moments,
their snood relaxes and turns a brilliant shade of scarlet.

Throughout the day, their snood can be flaccid, turgid, or somewhere between the two...
it seems to be related to emotion.
I have noticed that frustration and fear will bring their snood into
its horn-like position as well as cause the color to drain from their facial tissues.

Here is a quick video to show you a little "turkey talk"...

different from the gobble that you are accustomed to hearing on my videos.

To answer a question that I am frequently asked...
no, we won't be eating our turkeys...
Never....they are our friends.


  1. Great birds so big!!! I have always heard turkeys can be mean is that true? Have a great day

  2. So interesting!! It is funny how so many of your pictures have the turkeys in the background. Glad you're not going to eat your friends. Now I have to add turkeys to my list for my mini farm!!

  3. What a sweet a lovely sound. Not at all brash like the gobble gobble sounds typically heard.

  4. Not exactly the most gorgeous creatures...right? lol Gotta' love their tenacity!

  5. You've got an award!


  6. Interesting post..I never realized how large their beaks are...Guess it fits the bird !! They are fun birds..

  7. Good Morning Bev! Funny how we think turkeys make only one sound...that was interesting. I had no idea that the snood changed size and color...never even knew what it was called. What a wonderful lesson! Hope your day is a good one. :)

  8. Now that I know turkeys are the best bird pets ever I will NOT be sharing that fact with my son the chicken farmer. He loves his birds, but if he found out turkey's were better, we'd have to get those too!

    (I like your rear view banner!)

  9. I have never personally met a turkey, well, maybe some human ones-ha! but my mother and I are thoroughly charmed but your handsome and hilarious birds! They are such nosy-rosies! I couldn't and wouldn't eat them either! BTW, I received my cards of Mary Ann and Ginger and I just love them. They make me so happy looking at them I plan to frame them and put them on my desk. :). You had them wrapped so cute too-it was a treat to get them in the mail! Enjoy your day, xMeghan

  10. They are ugly and cute at the same time lol We have a lot of wild turkyes in the area ! Have a wonderful day !

  11. So very, very cool. Loved this post.


  12. Well, I certainly learned something new, I never realized a snood could/would change colors. Thank you for this bit of information and enjoyed the video. Greetings, Julie.

  13. I didn't know any of that stuff about the snood! How interesting!


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