Monday, November 7, 2011

Trans-Species Friendships

 I find that so many of my posts have a common theme...
peaceful cohabitation of different species.

For example:
Horses and chickens....
the chickens have no fear of the horses and often walk about in between the equines legs.
The horses seem to just expect it.

Cats and chickens....
drinking out of the same bowl...

Dogs and pigs...
as if there is no difference between them!

Looks as though Maddie will be my chief pig-sitter.

Piggy love....

If only we, as humans, could be half as accepting of those 
who are very different from ourselves...
peaceful cohabitation.

Now, go hug a pig!


  1. Great pictures!! we have a pot bellied pig in our neighborhood and I always take that route home to catch a peek, I love its little swishy tail sooo cute!

  2. So true ! Wonderful photos. I would love to hug one of those little piggies. Have a wonderful day !

  3. Adorable pictures. You have created a heaven on earth. I am enjoying imagining that will be what heaven is like. I think maybe you are an angel that is helping to show us the way to have heaven on earth.

  4. so adorable! by the way my morning glories finally bloomed in September! and boy did they bloom! i had more this year than i ever had before! they bloomed up until last weekend when we had that nasty snow storm! i hope yours finally bloomed as well!

  5. Maddie looks so motherly and loving towards the piggies... Love her to pieces!

  6. The little piglets are so sweet! I would love to have some animals like yours, can't do it where I live. Your animals all look so happy and have lots of friends to take up their days.

  7. What an awesome piggie mama you have in Maddie. You have a beautiful farm and home for many animals, it's no wonder they cohabitate so comfortably. That's the way a farm should be.

  8. If only I you will have me getting little piggies!!!

    I love those pictures with Maddie and the piglets.

  9. piggies to hug here. Yesterday I saw llamas & sheep hangingtogether, and learned that llamas are used as guard animlas for sheep...but cats & chickens? Dogs & pigs? Awesome!

  10. Hi Bev!
    Just stopping in to show my sister your blog...she's LOVING IT just as much as I do. These photo's are precious..especially the ones of Ginger Maryanne and Maddie. I hope your day is a good one so far. OH...we felt that earthquake on Saturday night! More on that later. Since I don't have a pig to hug...I'll just hug my sister ;) Enjoy your critters.
    Maura and sister Sue :)

  11. I so enjoy your blog! This post made me smile =) Have a great day!

  12. I CANNOT get enough pics of the piggies!! Love them all, and quite agree with your sentiments!

  13. Hi Bev, I’ve been in Williamsburg for a few days at a conference and MIA--just catching up. I LOVE this post and we often discuss the exact same thing--how they all just make it work and if only we could do that. I LOVE Maddie and she looks like the best little mama for Ginger and Mary Ann. So adorable! I can tell the girls are loving their new life at Bee Haven Acres :) Fills my heart!
    Hugs, Amy

  14. I love those wonderful relationships! When my ox was young, a stray rooster moved into the field and adopted my boy as his friend.


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