Just For You... Yes, You!

 It's early morning, cool, clear and crisp.  The cicadas have not yet started their thrumming.  In the distance - birdsong.  I am surrounded by several tiny hummingbirds. 

 The sound of their flybys makes me feel like I am the control tower at a busy airport.

 I stand, still and quiet with camera in hand, just feet from the hummingbird feeders.

They ignore my presence and keep to the tasks of feeding and chasing, feeding and chasing.  

One flies by, 

then turns, hovers, and shoves her little feet forward and lands.

A quick second to get her feathers and wings in place...

then on with the task of drinking.

Another joins her.

A male lands on the opposite side, then quickly backs up and takes off.

Another approaches to take his place... 

its olive-green feathers shining in the morning sun.

It is like this every morning at this time of year.

Hubbs fills the feeders several times daily... in an effort to quench these tiny soul's thirst and need for calories.

I caught a little video footage of these fascinating tiny birds...

If the video does not show on my blog, you can view it Here on YouTube.  Make sure your sound is turned up.


One of my favorite seasonings for cooking is rosemary salt.  We don't add table salt to our food, but I do use a little herbed salt when I cook... and this is my favorite. 

 Instead of buying it, now, (all of a sudden the price shot up to $20 a 3 ounce package... highway robbery)... so for $3, I am making more than twice that amount using fresh rosemary from my garden.  You can use whatever herbs you like.  

Simply strip the leaves from the stems.  Chop them in a food processor, blender, etc. with a clove of garlic (minced).

Them add the salt ( I use coarse sea salt) and pulse a couple of times just to blend.

Dry before storing in containers. 

 I stuck mine in the oven at 230 degrees for 45 minutes.  You could also use a dehydrator, or dry in open air (it's too humid here for that, however).

While in the garden, I picked a few tomatoes... just a few....

PS... a note about yesterday's blog.  There's no doubt about it.  Life is hard - and at times, harder than others.  There are so many challenges - none of us escapes the challenges.  For this reason I am intentional about finding the beauty whenever I can.  Perhaps without the challenges, we would not appreciate the beauty quite as much.

Have a beautiful day, my friends.  And if you are in the midst of a challenging time, then this little bit of beauty is for you... hopefully, a smile.  Assuredly, a hug... from the farm.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
great idea! this rosemary salt would be perfect on focaccia. i will be making this very soon.
Sandik said…
I forward your blog on to several friends. It gives us a beautiful, serene start to each day. I wish I could capture my hummers on film as wonderfully as you do. Thank you for sharing with us.
Your blog is a beautiful place to come away from life's harshness. It's those moments that help in our times of rest from all that goes on in the world. Nature helps us to relax and we are given these things to enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing your days and moments with us. I truly appreciate it.
Oh my! You definitely need to look for the good in all things. Besides, what kind of a blog would it be bringing us sad, discouraging stories. We get enough of that on the news.
Question, do you have problems with bees at the hummingbird feeders? I have an ant problem and just recently, yellow jackets. I took the feeders down a couple of days and when I put it back, so were the bees. My feeder does not have a bee guard, but even with them the bees still hover and buzz.
Besides being a nuisance, my Lab thinks he needs to snap at them and is on course to get stung.
This N That said…
Great Hummer shots !! Yesterdays post made me wonder if you were having a not so good day...You are without a doubt the most positive person I know..Hugs..
Patty said…
I don't comment often but I read your blog every week day. Challenges play a part in everyone's life, including mine. I'm so glad I found your blog years ago! Watching you & hubby's daily life gives me a sense of peace in this crazy, busy world. Thank you for sharing your world with us!
So Much Glory said…
The video is spectacular!!! My favorite pic was with the female shoving her feet forward to land! We get hummingbirds on our bee balm, and have a lot of pollinator friendly plants for our honeybees. You are right, we need to see……and savor….the beauty that surrounds us every moment.
Karen said…
I had to laugh about your comment about life is simple! From you - along with her husband who work their behinds off every day (to take and care and LOVE your animals). I totally get what you said - because when you see what is really important in life - well it IS simple. When I'm whining about my painful knee (I need knee replacement - what?? I still feel 17:) I look around me and see three young deer come sauntering down my driveway, a garden snake sunning himself in the yard and three fat squirrels eating the cracked corn I put out for the wild birds and I'm so dang happy! It IS the simple things in life - and LOVE. You never need to explain your words - we GET it (and enjoy every single word:) Greeting from a misty, light rain Northwest (LOVE the rain!).
The hummingbirds here seem to move so quickly, it's impossible to capture them in photos...thanks so much for sharing yours with all of us. The rosemary sea salt; what a money-saver and oh-so simple! I'm going to do a search of your posts, I'd love to be able to see all of your recipes in one spot - once-upon-a-time I was a cookbook editor, so I'm always drawn to simple, tried & true recipes...always looking for a new one, and your breads are definitely on my list! Mary
nuri said…
Spectacular photos and video! Incroyable. What a treat, thank you.
I loved the pictures and video of your hummers...aren't they wonderful....their colors show up so well in your pictures.....I love their emerald and ruby colors. Wow....that is a lot of tomatoes.....so awesome. Would love to taste your rosemary salt too. Your blog is always such a pleasure to come to every evening and read.....I really look forward to it. You are such a day-lifter or in my case....an evening spirit lifter. Thank you always!