We've fledged!!

Yes, we are out and about... flying in and out of the barn driving the barn cats absolutely crazy.  And how could we not!  Just our adorable faces alone are enough to drive anyone crazy!!!

Yesterday was a cloudy, drizzly, cool day. 

 And so, much of our day was spent indoors.  I reorganized our pantry and did a bunch of baking for the freezer - banana nut bread, chocolate chip zucchini bread, and "Better Than Starbucks" lemon loaf.  As I worked in the kitchen I was entertained by all of the traffic at the hummingbird feeders.

This little male sits here on the shepherds' crook that holds the feeders in order to fend off any other males.  He allows the females and young to feed, but chases any males that enter his territory.

Six females and young busily emptied this feeder!

We had enough breaks in the rain that I got some harvesting done in this beautiful garden of ours.  This truly is the best garden year we have ever had... thanks to plentiful rain and sunshine.

Besides the squash and cucumbers that I picked yesterday, I also added several more quarts of berries to the freezer.

As for the ducks... they were happy to not only have a pool, but also a mud puddle in which to spend their day splashing around.

This brings us to the end of Summer's first week.  This weekend has us attending Miss Mackenzie's first ballet recital.  That should be fun.  A vet visit for vaccinating the animals is also happening.  There's always something going on!!

Have a lovely weekend, and we'll be back to chat on Monday.


Lynne said…
I am impressed with that Hummer activity . . .
(Could I live in your freezer to enjoy all your yums!)
Have fun at the recital!
Leslye said…
Such a beautiful garden!
I love seeing all the hummers at the feeder and also the runner ducks with the pool and puddle. Your garden looks beautiful and so healthy even when it's a cloudy day. I'm not surprised to hear of all the things you're bringing in from the garden already! Aww...have a fun time at the ballet recital. Our daughter ended up loving it so much.....she became a professional ballet dancer!
This N That said…
I'm a bit behind...I just love those little barn swallow faces...Such cuties..
Your garden looks so lush..beautiful..
I'd like to raid your freezer..Yum
Love the hummer activity..I never was that lucky..I guess there are too many around here (feeders).
Enjoy Macks recital..Fun time..
Have a good weekend..Hugs
Boni said…
How lucky are you to have wall those hummingbirds! I have only 2. Love my window feeder!