Nurturing A Relationship with Mother Nature

 As the years pass, I more and more long to nurture an intimate relationship with Mother Nature.  And although I love spending time cultivating my own small piece of earth, I enjoy spending time in the wild, where cultivation happens naturally.

And although I have always been an "outdoorsy" type, it's only been in these last years that I have made a conscious effort to really get to know the land to which I am so bound.  Each spring and summer as flora and fauna emerge from their winter's rest, I feel anticipation and excitement at the promise of seeing old friends.

And because I view them as old friends, I strive to know each by name.

Bike riding season has returned (yes, I am a fair weather biker).  

Yesterday was Hubbs and my first bike ride of the season and it was wonderful!  It was a windy afternoon, and for a moment I doubted our sanity as we pedaled headlong into a sustained 15 mph wind with gusts up to 24 mph.  And although we couldn't hear much but the whir of the wind in our ears; the sights and smells were intoxicating!  The heady fragrance of honeysuckle permeated the air.   I spied my first elusive indigo bunting of the season, and Hubbs saw a barred owl fly across the road in front of us.

As we rode along our beautiful country roads, past farmland,

 meadows, woods, 

and streams, 

I greeted old friends and took photo-after-photo so that I could share the ride with you.

The woods were filled with native dogwood, 

and the roadsides with purple dames rocket,

yellow rocket (mustard) and tiny, daisy-like fleabane,


red clover,

Mayapple blossoms,

 and wild red Columbine.

I was excited to make the acquaintance of a few new friends as well...

Golden ragwort,

Northern dewberry,

wild geranium,

wild pink azalea,

and best of all... pink lady slipper (a first, for me).

Learning the names of our local wildflowers has been easy using the app, "Picture This". 

 Each time I find a new specimen, Hubbs stops and uses his app to identify it.

Although we rode a circuitous route of 16 miles, we never were farther than five miles from home.

As the weeks pass, the sights will change - summer wildflowers taking the place of spring specimens.  Each and every bike ride that we take will be filled with discovery and wonder, and we will get to know our land just a little better... and love it just a little more!

I believe that if everyone cultivated this type of relationship with our earth, perhaps they would be more willing to take better care of it.


Beautiful pictures of this awesome creation we live in. I have never seen a lady slipper plant in person yet. I think the wildflowers are the prettiest of all.
All the land is so beautiful when it wakes from its winter slumber. We have found many new to us plants on the property here.
Have a blessed day!
Maureen M said…
Thanks for the beautiful ride!
Lynne said…
Beautiful ride . . . . . .
What a thrill to see a Lady Slipper . . .
Lynne said…
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sillygirl said…
Just opening our eyes there is so much wonder in the world. And the thing to remember is that every day it is all changed from the day before.
littlemancat said…
Love your ride through the countryside - all those wonderful wildflowers! And to see a pink Ladyslipper!
Names of our wild ones always fascinate me - and the difference in what we call them from region to region. I probably would have called the yellow rocket wild mustard and the mountain phlox dames rocket. Phlox has five petals and is in the mustard family. Whatever their name, they are beautiful and have an important place on the earth.You see that so clearly, Bev.
Anonymous said…
A heartfelt thank you for sharing your ride with us. The beauty of it all brings a yearning to go back in time when I could explore nature and just be.
This N That said…
You saw a mink!!! How special is that? I didn't know they were around here..Your bike ride looked fun..Such pretty country..and pretty flowers..Thanks for taking us along..I wish all our days were as beautiful as this one..Enjoy!!
Eileen in Fla. said…
Years ago we hiked a tiny portion of the Natchez Trace in Tennessee. I would not have made a good pioneer, hungry for new land. I would never want to leave that lush, green land.
Just love your bike ride and all the wonderful flowers you took pics off. It certainly is scenic where you ride. So lovely.

Hope "The Bearded One" who usually posts here, is OK. He's been missing for a few days.
Katmom said…
Oh My Stars! I need to download that app!!!
as for the ride, I do so miss a lovely bike ride... Still cold and yucky over here...
Hugz to you 2 young kids! :>)

btw, I posted some pics of our little rescue kitty.. My heart is full!