Although "nap" is not a part of my personal vocabulary, I never begrudge anyone who enjoys a good one!

Yesterday, while Hubbs and I were busy getting all of the mowing done, these four were making good use of the cool afternoon weather and indulging in a group nap.

I am so happy that these four are such a tight-knit little group.  Because there are only two of each species, I worry that some day if one of them passes the other would be terribly lonely.  It's nice to know that they will still have good friends to keep them company!

Yesterday brought us a sunny, warm morning.  However, clouds moved in and temperatures dropped as the day progressed.  We will enjoy the cool while we have it.  It's to reach 95 degrees on Saturday

All of my planting is finished.  I think the garden looks wonderful after it's been mowed!  Now we just need patience while all of the young plants grow.

I hope you aren't tired of wisteria yet... because I just have to show you how lovely these blossoms have gotten in the past couple of days.  This "tree" is seriously magical to me... I could spend hours sitting beneath it just drinking in the beauty!

I also wanted to show you my Farmers Defense arm protection that I wear to mow and to garden.  These are like long, thin fingerless gloves that protect your skin from UV radiation and also from cuts and scrapes while gardening.  I have used them for two years and am very happy with them.  This opinion is completely unsolicited... just sharing something I have found useful!

Our guinea keets left on their journey to the farm yesterday.  They should arrive in our Post Office either today or tomorrow morning... at which point I will literally fly down the road to pick them up.  It always makes me a little nervous thinking about these hatchlings having to make such a long journey.  I will feel much more relaxed when they are safely installed in their brooder house with plenty of food and water and a warm heat lamp!  Stay tuned for developments....


Lisa said…
Do those sleeves protect against bug bites?
Nap seem lovely, though I've never been able to take one. Can't sleep in the daytime.
Your gardens look splendid!
Look forward to seeing the new babies.
Lynne said…
I am a reader . . .
It comes first these days, I feel lost without a book.
Plenty around here to read, (and ones I have already read.)
Of late . . . I have found after three or four hours of outdoor
cleaning, clearing, digging whatever . ..
that I need some “book time.”
And guess what happens, YES . . . a nap.
I am finding “the nap time” to be 15, 20 minutes
and up I go back outdoors, energized once again.

Sweet “naps” post . . .

Excited to meet your new guinea keets . . .
Jody in Georgia said…
I have discovered the benefits of a nap the last year or so. I set a small alarm, nestle in my recliner with a nap on my lap and enjoy some rest. It does revive my energy!
Jody in Georgia said…
Oops, I mean a cat on my lap!
Unknown said…
I love my naps,but lately,planting is so much more beneficial to my soul!
This N That said…
I don't intentionally take naps..If I lie down to watch TV there's a good chance I won't see the whole program..
Yes, this weekend is going to be hot and humid..Yuk
Your keets may need air conditioning this weekend..LOL
Your garden looks amazing..Many hours of hard work went in to that...
Your Wisteria "tree" is gorgeous..
Hope your day was a good one..
Your garden is looking just amazing! Way to go! Can't wait to see everything growing! Love your garden arm neat and colorful.
Did Chester see the vet yet or maybe that was today? I didn't realize your pigs and sheep had gotten so friendly.....that's awesome.