Our Fourth

 Take nothing in life for granted, for there are no guarantees.  This is something that the past year has etched in my psyche.  Last July 4th, we stayed home - no picnics, no gatherings ... just a surreal sense of isolation.  

Contrast that with this year... and what a difference a year makes!

This past Saturday we had a summer celebration that will live in my memory forever.  We combined a Fourth of July picnic with a double birthday celebration.  Four generations of family (36 of us)... adopted family and extended family - in-laws and out-laws (ex's) came together to share a picnic meal, great conversation, and lots of laughs.  It was nothing short of wonderful.

Unfortunately, our out-of-state kids could not attend- but everyone local came for the day.

There were kids of all ages - and a fun gal gang that spent the day running wild and free - adventuring around the farm.

Griz tried his hardest to be in the midst of the party, but with his chronic upper respiratory infection, we decided not to risk him sneezing all over the tables - so he stayed closed up in the tack room during our meal.

Mama Bernadette was the favorite pass-around lap dog - seen here on my sweet Mama's lap.

The Littles' Aunt Stephanie made a cake for each of the birthdays - a dinosaur cake for Easton,

and a horse cake for Dr. Becky.

These two share a July 2nd birthday.

We picked blueberries, 

and there were smiles and laughs from all ages...

With so many blueberries in our field, it was great to have help picking.  Everyone who picked took home what they picked.

It's hard to believe that Easton is now four...

and his little brother Eli is just starting to crawl.

More kisses, please!!

It was a full and wonderful day with people that I love (although there were loves that were missing).  The weather changed every 10 minutes - sunshine, showers, cool and temperate most of the day.

Sunday evening we celebrated with our local neighbors... a yearly tradition... filled with lots of laughter.

What a difference a year has made.  It's great to once again be able to celebrate traditions with friends and family.  It's these simple things... these times of fellowship that mean so much - times never to be taken for granted!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a wonderful day and one i'm sure the kids won't forget!
Marsha said…
This looks like a great day!
colleen said…
Your gatherings are so much fun. The plates the little girls (very beautiful little girls) are eating from are the ones we had at home when I was growing up. The birthday cakes are awesome. No, I can't believe Easton is four already!! xoxox
This N That said…
Fun times…..Not to be taken for granted for sure!
Marcia LaRue said…
What a great day you all had! So glad your Mother was able to join in the festivities! I have those same Corelle plates! LOL
I sat in my living room and watched the fireworks being set off around the neighborhoods East of me! Lots of booms and bangs and beautiful displays!

Ellen in Ohio said…
So happy you were able to gather and have such a wonderful time.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful 4th celebration with friends and family. It all looks wonderful....and birthdays to celebrate too! What fun!
What a special place you have, that unites so many people together. I love your blog Bev....thanks for the great stories you tell and pictures you take! I love your blog!
Lynne said…
Looks and sounds like a wonderful day!
Birthday cakes were really nice, creative.
Oh how “the littles” must love to visit the farm!