Grammie Camp

 Summer memories... fireflies, catching butterflies, swimming, running through fields and forests... these are the things I hope to give to my grandchildren - long lasting memories of adventures on the farm.

We are in the midst of Grammie Camp - a few special days with Mackenzie here on the farm.  The rest of her family will join her on Friday, but for these few days, she is the center of activity.  And boy, have we been active!

On Tuesday, Amanda flew in from Colorado, after being gone for the whole last year.  She's always been such an integral part of the farm, so we were curious to see what the animals' reactions would be after not seeing her for the past year.

MaryAnn and Ginger were overjoyed when they saw her.  There was no doubt about it... there was recognition and joy!  First, MaryAnn came running over to the fence to say hello in her very enthusiastic way.  She spent quite a long time "talking" to Amanda.

Ginger was out in the front pasture.  Upon seeing Amanda, she came running over and flopped down on her side.  

Just to be clear, Ginger never does this for anyone else - but, Amanda has always been her special person.  So, yes, definitely there was recognition - immediately!

After Hubbs picked Amanda up at the airport, he stopped by and picked up Mackenzie as well - and the fun began.

We picked and ate raw sugar peas from the garden...

and worked together to catch a rogue chicklet...

who, on second thought, really did not want to be all by herself out in the big wide world!

I showed Mackenzie something that I used to do as a child... to gently pull apart a honeysuckle blossom to reveal the one tiny drop of sweet nectar inside...

We shared the Dragon Tree Trail with Aunt Amanda... Mackenzie fearlessly leading the way.

Yesterday, we introduced her to life on our river with her first Kayaking trip.

It's magical sharing the world with a wide-eyed child who finds amazement and beauty in the smallest of things!
 We found a little creek and kayaked up as far as we could... Mackenzie exclaiming how beautiful it was!

We finished our kayaking by lunch time and headed home to eat and take a swim in the pool.
By late afternoon, we headed out to our favorite brewery restaurant, The Rusty Rail for dinner and a bike ride on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail.  Mackenzie rode two miles on her little bike without training wheels... not bad for a five year old!

Amanda commented that Mackenzie was the Energizer Bunny.  I may have met my match!


Such wonder and wonderful memories when spending time with the little ones. There looks to be lots of fun happening at Grammie camp! So sweet the way the gals remembered Amanda. Thank you for sharing your time with us.
colleen said…
Thanks for taking time to share all the activities that you all have been up to. You get more packed into a day than what I do in a week. I can't believe how grown up Mackenzie is and it's so nice to see Amanda. xoxox
Marsha said…
Such special time for Mackenzie and Amanda thanks for sharing them!
Marcia LaRue said…
I may have to take a nap after reading all of your activities! LOL
That is so sweet seeing Ginger and Amanda sharing a bit of a lie down together!
S. Colorado heading for 97° today! Whew!
Unknown said…
The honeysuckle treat is a sweet memory from my own grandma's vine some 70+ years ago. Happy to know it's still around!
Wanda Devers said…
So sweet that the piggies remembered Amanda. And that you all have this special time with Amanda And Mackensie.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a wonderful time for everyone. how did they feel about the cicadas?
deodar said…
I remember by Grandma showing me how to take apart a bleeding heart flower to get two bunnies, a pair of earrings and a vase and that was at least 60 years ago!
what a super fun time for everybody. I can't ever remember you having a pool....loved the kayak and biking pics....Amanda sure looks great! Enjoy your fun weekend!
littlemancat said…
Such a joyful day - lots of love all around. I do love the photo of Jack so gently holding the chicklet.

Lynne said…
Wonderful post . ..
Loved Amanda’s “meeting up” with her piggy loves . . .
“Grammie Camp” and Mackenzie I think is GOLDEN for the future.
She loves it!