Muddy Buddies and Birthday Wishes

February may have turned into March in a grey and gloomy haze, but the wild birds heralded the change of month with a jubilant fanfare. 

As I worked around the barn yesterday morning in the drizzle, I couldn't help but notice the amount of birds who were chirping and singing.  It was a symphony that I know all too well... but haven't heard in  months.

I've got to say : I love March.  Not only is it a big birthday month in our family.  (Hubbs' birthday is today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my very best friend and partner in life! 

 What I love about March is the fact that no matter what befalls us during this month - by the end of the month Spring arrives and the first trees, the willows, begin to show some green.  With any luck we will be treated to spring bulbs emerging and blooming around the same time.  And then new life and growth begin to cascade - with something new to see every single day!

March is the light at the end of Winter's long, dark tunnel.  It rewards our patience and fills us with anticipation.

I've got to admit - we've had snow on the ground (at least in some spots on the farm) since before Christmas.  

The orchard and sheep yard, on a northern slope, are still quite wintry.

In areas where the sun shines brightly, the snow has become water and is turning the earth to mud.  It's truly a welcomed sight to see the soil and grass begin to emerge.

And where the sunlight shines, green emerges.  In the spring that runs out from the old log cabin's cellar, there are plants and algae that are busy making chlorophyl.  By afternoon, yesterday, the sun shone brightly... electrifying the green.

 Green is the color I most long for during the monochromatic winter months.  It's the color that fills me with energy.  By the end of the month I will immerse myself in all things green and growing.

By the way, the greenhouse kale is still going strong.   I can hardly wait for kale to be back in the garden.  With the snow melted from the boxes, I will soon be able to plant cold weather vegetables.

This week's color is brown, however - mud brown.  And most of our critters have become muddy buddies.

As I stand next to the duck pen, in the donkey yard picking up manure, I can hear the runner ducks' little webbed feet slapping the muddy ground as they run back and forth inside their yard. 

 They were given the freedom to roam this weekend, after weeks of being sequestered in their yard due to snow.  Our neighbors texted us, however, to tell us that a hawk had been trying to "abduckt" one of them.  As a result, they are once again on yard arrest.

Once all of the snow is gone, they will have more places to hide and will be given their freedom again.

After finishing afternoon chores, I ran the manure buckets up to the compost pile and was amazed to see it covered with insects.  By this time of year, the compost pile desperately needs to be turned, however getting a tractor back through the mud is impossible.  That task will have to wait.

  The chickens, ducks and guineas will be happy to see the insects. They'll need to get busy and eat those buggy pests before they have a chance to multiply!

I am going to try to add to our guinea flock this summer.  Guineas are one of our best defenses against insects.  I want to add youngsters while I still have some elders to help teach them.  Guineas are impossible to train, however, they do stick together.  So, having a couple "smart" elders is a great help in keeping youngsters from going AWOL!!

The goats are the only animals who are high and dry right now.

  Each day when I feed the goats, Sally likes to nibble the chow right out of the scoop.  Apparently it tastes better here than out of her bowl. 

Each of our animals has its own funny quirks.  It's one of the things that I enjoy about this farm life.  There are so many little things that make me smile each day.

Life really is quite wondrous!


Cheryl said…
Happy Birthday to your hubby,from a fellow Pisces! We may have some quirky snow and ice storms in our birth month, but they are guaranteed to be short lived and melt quickly.
Robins have been sighted here in the Finger Lakes, always a sign that Spring is on the way. And March gets the important task of "springing ahead" on the 14th!
colleen said…
Happy Birthday to Jack.
We are having temps well below zero with high winds and blowing snow today...BUT spring is right around the corner :)
The JR said…
Happy Birthday!
Lynne said…
Like seeing your greening world . . .
We are pretty much still in the “peeking stage” . . .
I guess puddles and mud will be in our future . . .
Loving our increased bird chatter around her too . . .

My all time favorite color . . . GREEN!

Happy Birthday to your guy . . .
daisy g said…
Happy Birthday to your Hubbs! Hope y'all have a glorious day together.

I noticed more bird songs last week. That's a sure sign of spring to come!
Unknown said…
Happy Birth Anniversary to Hubbs. Imagine you have some goodies baked for him. Have a wonderful day! Blessings, Lisa G in TN
Bernie said…
Happy Birthday Jack!
Marcia LaRue said…
The temperature is forecast to rise to a toasty 64° here today ... talk about Spring Fever setting in! It's supposed to be the same tomorrow!! Oh, boy!! LOL
Love the pics of Brown Sammy and one of the Beatrix kitties checking out a food bucket! It looks like Bea is telling Sammy ... "She forgot to fill this one!" LOL
Happy, HAPPY Birthday to Jack ... I'm sure you have something special planned for his day and great things coming out of the kitchen just for you two to enjoy!
Katmom said…
Bev, Happy Birthday greetings to Jack... I forgot to bring my b-day calender on this trip, and am out of the b-day loop... but hopefully I can make up for missed ones. As for Green, yep pretty much my fav color.. it makes me happy as it emerges through the last of Winters sleep... reminding me that Spring is just around the corner.
Happy hugz from our wee happy place to yours.
littlemancat said…
Happy Birthday to Jack! Today's one of my favorite people's BD too - a great day.
Love the green photos - the essence of spring and renewal. And Beatrix 1 or 2 with Brown Sammie- you can feel the love.
Around here the birds are singing too - such joy!
Have a happy,happy day.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
happy birthday jack! you are catching up to me! we are going to be in the 60's next's time to plant and i haven't even started my seeds!
This N That said…
Happy Birthday Jack..Hope it's a special day..The birds are chirping a Happy Birthday ditty to you..

Keep an eye out for those Hawks!! Those Runners make easy prey..I saw a squirrel yesterday with a mouth full of twigs...Tis the season..and they are chasing each other more than usual..
Enjoy this sunny, but cold, day!! Hugs
Anonymous said…
Could you describe the spring that runs out of the log cabin's cellar more? We have no cellars here. I can only think of one spring here which is connected to an underground water system that is illegal to access. Does the cabin's cellar get flooded? Wouldn't having a spring in a cabin be problematic? Thank you.
Karen said…
Happiest Birthday wishes to Trail Boss Jack! I bet he knows what a charmed life he has - any animal lover deserves it:) Cheers!
Happy Birthday to your Hubbs! Hope he is having a terrific day. Are you baking him a wonderful cake? You are such a great baker and decorator! Glad to see everybody is doing well....I do worry about hawks and other creatures when you sweet ducks and guineas are out and about. We had a hawk in the last place we lived that grabbed a male and female pheasant out of a neighbor's yard, at the same time! The male squirmed and screeched so much that the hawk dropped him. I've never gotten used to seeing things like that happen. Thanks for taking such good care of all your critters.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to my ex-Doc! I sure miss him! We have a hawk hanging around here and the birds are in hiding much of the time. I saw 5 robins so I’m super happy that spring is coming!🌸🌼