Sweet Relief

I awoke yesterday morning, with a still unsettled feeling in my gut, but relieved that our country had made it through Election Day in a peaceful, organized manner.  Outside, our world was frosty and silent, with temperatures dipping down to 24 degrees.

It didn't take long, though, for the sun to warm us up to an unseasonable 64 degrees.  And the rest of the week is to be as warm or warmer.

I am happy to report that Dr. Becky checked Daphne's hoof yesterday morning and did indeed find a hoof abscess.  She opened the abscess by cutting away part of Daphne's hoof.  As soon as she opened the abscessed area, drainage came from Daphne's hoof... which I am sure was a welcomed relief for my sweet donkey gal.

Dr. Becky slightly enlarged the abscess hole,

 and irrigated it with peroxide...

then packed cotton into the hole to keep it open so that it can continue to drain.

I will have to remove the packing daily, and irrigate the abscess with hydrogen peroxide, and then re-pack the hole.

We Daphne is one stoic donkey.  She didn't flinch while Dr. Becky worked on her hoof... a somewhat painful procedure.  She stood perfectly still while I sat next to her with my nose buried in the fur of her face... whispering to her what a good, brave donkey girl she was being.

I seriously think she was relieved to have the painful pressure gone from inside her hoof.  Personally, I am relieved that an abscess was found and treated.  Now we can move along the road to recovery.

Later in the morning I baked bread... this time a "pain du campagne" - a French country wheat bread. 

 One of the loaves developed a large air bubble making the loaf look a little like a turtle.

Although it was a beautiful day outside, I spent a few hours working on winter-themed face masks in a push to get them done as soon as possible.  

By early afternoon, Daphne was walking much better and going about her normal day in no apparent distress.  (sigh of relief!). vSweet girl!  I am just glad that it is not Chloe with a hoof abscess.  We would have to sedate her every time we messed with her hoof!

I ran to my second favorite fabric store in the afternoon and picked up these additional fabrics...

All winter masks should be completed before the end of the weekend.


colleen said…
Thanks for the update on Daphne. What a relief to you and her.
Your new fabric is gorgeous. xoxoxox

I am hopeful about these election results - wishing us all peace of mind moving forward. LOVE the fabrics you just bought - I think masks are here to stay for a while, smart to make more available.

How very fortunate to have a vet on hand all the time :-) Wishing your donk girl speedy healing.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
i'm so glad daphne is on the mend. i won't feel comfortable until i see joe in the oval office.
Get better soon, Daphne girl!
Dear sweet Daphne. I would hate to walk around with a big blister on the bottom of my foot. Thank God it is being taken care of.
This N That said…
I’m glad Daphne is on the mend. I’m sure that once the pressure is relieved, she’s much more comfortable. Like your new fabrics. Happy Sewing!xxoo
Lynne said…
Daphne on the mend is good news.
Brave she was, I would be saying OUCH!

Add “mask making” to your resume’ . . .
Truly . . . the best.
Readers . . . if you haven’t purchased, try one of Beverly’s!
Most comfortable, right size, quality, fabric, patterns, very nice!