Painting Trees

 As I sit writing this, the sun has just set.   Outside, I can hear the wind howling and raindrops, as they land on the windows.  The summer-like weather that we enjoyed a week ago is long gone and Winter is just around the corner.  

The days are short and the evenings - long and dark.  And although I love the warm months with their outside pleasures, I do look forward to this time of year when I turn my attention inward to my nest.

For most of you, I am sure, this season will be quite different from previous years.  2020 has been an aberration... and hopefully a year we never have to repeat.  Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away, and we have made the decision to forgo the normal family gathering.  We are trying to keep our "bubble" quite small these days in order to decrease the potential for illness.  And while it is sad that we will not all sit together at the same table, we feel that it is prudent in these times.  Sacrifice for the greater good, in the hopes that all of our loved ones remain healthy.  There will be more Thanksgivings in the future.  We have much for which to be thankful, so that is what we will concentrate on in the coming weeks.

And.... we are awaiting yet another grandchild (in North Carolina) who is just a few days overdue.  Little Wren Marie was due this past Friday, but it seems she prefers to take her good old time.

Friday I had the pleasure of spending several hours with baby Eli as his Momma had something she had to do.  It's amazing how quickly this little one is developing a personality.

Everyone thinks at first glance that he looks like Easton, but he actually looks more like Mackenzie did at this age.  One thing is sure... he's a very happy baby!

As for our weekend....

We spent the normal amount of time shuffling everyone to

and fro.

It was a weekend spent here on the farm doing the normal chores.

We hiked the woods marking trees so that hunters do not trespass, keeping our hundred acre woods as a sanctuary for our local deer population.

Each autumn, we walk the boundaries of our land making sure that there are "No Hunting" signs at least every 100 feet.  This year, Pennsylvania has decreed that a tree with purple spray paint will act as a "No Hunting" sign.  So, we walked out woods and sprayed our trees where signs were missing.

Hikes in our woods are our dogs' most favorite activity.  Even low-energy Sammie comes alive when he enters the woods and follows wherever his nose leads him.

When we were finished walking, we drove the gator back to the platform tent where we hung a trail camera to capture images of the local deer population.

  It's always fun to see what deer are in the area - as well as all of the other critters the pass through our woods.  I'll post photos from this camera in the coming days.

Sunday, I took a long hike with my daughter (Tyler's momma) and spent the rest of the day knitting and sewing.  I am still sewing face masks... making one more batch of winter-themed masks.  And because it looks like masks are here to stay for the time being, I bought some beautiful bee prints that I will sew into masks in the near future.  

I am also currently working on a new knitting project.. a lop-eared bunny.

It's a challenging pattern, but so far, so good.  I try to challenge myself with harder patterns so that I eventually become more skilled.  I should have this bunny finished in the next few days and will share it with you.

I'll be spending part of today babysitting Eli again... so I will be in heaven for a few hours!

Have a great day, and a perfect week.... and be safe... it's a crazy world out there!


Karla said…
Bev, I want to thank you for being a bright light in these weird and uncertain times. You've given all of us an anchor to serenity - and ways to look for it and find it in our own lives, no matter how we live. This is a skill that we can all improve, with repetition and desire. I look forward to your uplifting words each day!
colleen said…
I'm always happy when Monday rolls around and I can read your post.
It's always a good day when we can watch the grands.
I've been knitting and crocheting a few projects. My plan it to use up some of the yarn I have before I buy new. I can't wait to see your finished bunny.
Anxiously waiting to see the trail cam finds. xoxo
Lynne said…
Thank you for your calm . . .
Looking forward to seeing your bunny!
This N That said…
Why can't we have this wind in the summer when it's hot??Leaves blowing everywhere..The trees are bare now.. Winter is just around the corner.Eli looks so happy..growing fast..I guess most of us will be having a virtual Thanksgiving... Virtually Nonexistent.. Better to be safe. I wish more people felt like that. Have a good week.
CAn't wait to see your bunny. I'm sure it will be adorable.
Stay safe hugs
Marcia LaRue said…
Baby Eli looks like a combination of both Easton and Mac ... he has the sweetest little mouth! LOL He is just adorable!
I sure hope the local hunters have read up on the rules for this hunting season ... that they honor the purple paint on trees and know that means "No Hunting!"
Will look forward to seeing the BHA Animal Cam videos ... always fun to see who comes to visit!
Wishing you a lovely and safe week, Bev & Hubs and family ... both human and animals!
More grandbabies! Your blessings increase!
Katmom said…
I like the idea of the purple paint on the trees to let Hunters know,, your property is a No Hunting zone... I'll have to check if it is the same up here...
Like you,, we are keeping Thanksgiving to a minimal.. There will be next year for big gatherings.
Sending you guys lots of hugz