A Day For Rain Gear

Some were actually made for immersion in a day such as yesterday...

and some prefer to remain spectators.

The guineas find a port in the storm and form a single file line beneath the narrow arena over-hang.  They used to have their own house, but refused to use it.

Everyone else has their own shelter,

but some don't care to use it... seemingly ignoring all weather conditions.

I assume some just don't care about looking soaked and disheveled,

while some would rather die than have a bad hair day.

As for me... I have no choice.  No matter the weather, there are chores to be done, needs to be met.

The rest of the time, however, I prefer to be warm and dry on this side of the windows!

As for Sammy - where once he was game for adventure, his look tells me he'd rather be inside and dry, sleeping on his chair!

Yesterday provided the perfect day for cozy inside activities.

Sourdough was fed and then bread was prepared and set to rise.  It will rise throughout the night and be baked the next day.

Newly harvested, adorable, mini-heads of garden cabbage were chopped and added to a big kettle of homemade vegetable soup.  

There's nothing more heartwarming than hot soup on a cool, rainy day!

I finished an apron and added it to my Etsy shop... because... well, you can't have Christmas without Christmas flamingos, now can you?

So while Mother Nature was busy replenishing our reservoirs, we enjoyed a warm and cozy day indoors replenishing our souls with warm tea, fresh sourdough crumpets, and piping hot homemade (and partially home grown) soup!

A perfect day!


Lisa said…
That would have been a perfect day to sit and read by the fire in your she shed!
Lynne said…
Enjoyed your reflection . . .
Interesting . . .
I see oblivious, burrowing in, meet the day, carry on, go forward.
Reflecting . . .
daisy g said…
As I read your post, 4 inches of rain show on the rain gauge. What a blessing for the garden and for me, as I have an excuse to get some organizing done inside for a couple of days.
Sammie looks like he's ready to nap by the fire. Sweet boy.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the spectators could not be cuter. never teach a dog to ring bells to go outside! winnie rang the bells all day because she wanted to go out but each time i opened the door and she saw the rain she wouldn't budge. 15 minutes later she was ringing the bells again. this lasted for most of the day.
Please give that Sammie boy a hug from me.
littlemancat said…
Hot veg soup,tea,and bee and bee skep crumpets! Oh yes!
This N That said…
I would be out in the rain with the horses..Especially yesterday..It was so warm...That's the kind of rainy day Mollie and I like to walk in..Love your crumpets..great companion..to home made soup..I think all of our leaves fell yesterday within four hours..Hugs xxoo
Travis Geyer said…
Im sure those horses were loving the rain! Weather can definitely have a major impact when trying to chores done. But the weather can also add some interest while working also!