Weekend Surprises

The past weekend felt like the dividing line between early autumn and late - between warm and cold -  when days begin to feel so much shorter, and the air has a little bit of raw chill to it.  

We began the weekend with no unusual plans... a little farm work,

 a little relaxation, and a little sewing was what I had expected.

It's funny... life is rarely as we expect it though- and that can sometimes be a wonderful thing!  

As it turned out, our Littles came to the farm for a day of fun on Saturday. 

It was baby Elijah's first trip to the farm... and first hike in the woods.

As with any day with children on the farm... it was a wonderful time filled with adventures.

We spent the day playing outdoors, visiting animals, and going for gator rides.

All of our grandchildren love the farm, but this one... I think he loves it most of all!  

On Sunday, after animal chores were finished, 

I started working on face masks for the winter season and the holidays.  I hope to have them finished in the next week.

I also spent a little time doing something that I've meant to do for so very long.  (Thank you, Colleen for the gentle nudge!!)

Here is a link to the video on YouTube, if it did not show up above.


colleen said…
You are welcome. Listen to her purr. I could listen to that sound all day. How clever of you to be able to fix the belt.
I would say you had the perfect weekend. xoxox
Joyce F said…
I learned to sew on a treadle machine. Sadly long gone. I just bought a new simple (not computerized) Singer because the machine I had had for nearly 50 years was having problems. This new one seems so "cheap" - plastic! It does a nice job though. I have holiday fabric to make masks as well.
Kathy S said…
What a lovely machine. How many generations of sewers in your family? I have my mother's 1960 portable machine from Montgomery Wards. All metal and weighs a ton but also a workhorse.
Great photo of mom and baby.
Carolyn said…
Your New Home is a wonderful machine. I have a Singer 66 treadle that I purchased from a friend whose wife passed away. For some reason, I find the satisfaction of having the machine sit in my bedroom and have not ever sewn with it after atleast 10 years. My husband replaced the belt after we purchased the treadle. I think you might have motivated me to try treadling!
daisy g said…
What a treat! Wouldn't it be amazing if your granddaughter or grandson took up sewing and you could pass this along to them? I think your grandmother would be very pleased indeed!
Those treadle sewing machines were built to last!
littlemancat said…
Sweet pic of mama and baby Eli and the littles. Looks like a big sycamore leaf that McKenzie is showing us.
I also learned on my mom's old Singer.
This N That said…
Fun to have the kids visit..I learned to sew on one of those machines..Even the schools had them in home Ec.
Glad you got it all cleaned up and running..Fun to use but can be physically challenging compared to the newer ones...Especially if you're like me and sew standing up..LOL...Enjoy your week!! Hugs