Taking The Bad With The Good

Although I cannot imagine a better life for me than life on the farm, there are times that can be a little difficult.  It's the hard times that make the good times so much sweeter.   I have concluded that life has to be made up of good and bad together... hopefully maintained in some sort of balance that is palatable.  

There is nothing that causes me more anxiety and unrest than when something is wrong with one of the animals.  We are so blessed to have Hubbs' sister, Dr. Becky, here on the farm when one of those times happens.

Sweet Chloe, one of the donkey sisters, has been plagued by sarcoid tumors in the underneath area where head meets neck.  This past spring she had surgery to remove the tumors and then was treated with chemotherapy beads that were inserted in the area.  Sadly, the tumor has returned.

Yesterday Dr. Becky sedated Chloe.  (She's getting much better about having medical procedures done to her.  There was a day when just catching her was the hard part.)  Now, she allows me to put her halter on without incident.  She stands perfectly still for the injection of the sedative.

I stood with her while the sedation took effect... watching her head sink lower and lower.  Eventually she rested her lip on the fence and snoozed.

Naturally, Sammie had to see what was happening.

Chloe's head sunk a little more and her upper lip was all that held her- at which point I gently lifted her head from the fence rail.  

When the sedation had taken full effect, Dr. Becky gave her a series of injections of mycobacterium cell wall extract.  

This solution is supposed to help the body have an immune response to the sarcoid tumor... basically rejecting the sarcoid tissue.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will help. 

Dr. Becky has done a lot of research in the different treatments for this hard-to-cure ailment.  Apparently, some vets have had good success with this particular treatment.  Say a prayer.

I was happy to find that my saffron crocus have begun to bloom. 

 And although they were a little soggy from the rain, I was able to harvest a bit of saffron to dry.  I will keep an eye on this patch over the next week as the rest of the flowers blossom.

And just because we keep it real around here:

Have a great day!!


colleen said…
I pray that this treatment works for dear sweet Chloe. Even though it's part of life it is still a hard pill to swallow to see something wrong with one of our animals.
The reality of your life on the farm made me literally laugh out loud. We do get a glimpse of the way you imagine life on the farm and it's always a treat to see. xoxoxo

Louise Stopford said…
Really hope that the treatment works well for Chloe. I'll keep everything crossed and say a prayer.
The JR said…
Crossing fingers and shouting up prayers. She is such a sweet little donkey girl.
daisy g said…
Praying for your sweet girl. Grateful that you have a vet in the family!

How do you dry your saffron?

That last bit is a hoot!
Diane said…
Prayers out to Chloe for healing. Love the last two pictures...fantasy and reality!
Jody in Georgia said…
Those last two pictures started my day with a big laugh! Prayers for Chloe from Georgia, too.
Marcia LaRue said…
Here's hoping sweet Chloe's treatments get her into total remission of those doggone tumors!
I have to agree with other commenters ... those last 2 pictures had me laughing out loud, too! We can sail away to wherever in our imagination, but we end up with our heads stuck in a goat house and cleaning up poop! LOL
Just to let you know ... I have received all of the masks I ordered! Got the last 3 yesterday ... now I have one of your masks for each day of the week! 💓
Junebug said…
Oh Chloe sure hope this helps, Thanks Dr. Becky! Your wishes and reality brought a chuckle this morning!
I hope Chloe's treatment is successful!
littlemancat said…
So fortunate to have Dr.Becky so close and so up to date on treatments! Will keep Chloe in my thoughts.
And too funny - love your humor!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
poor chloe...i sure hope this works.
This N That said…
I hope Chloe is OK..I know you are worried..Love the last two pictures..How true!! Hugs
Lynne said…
I do hope that treatment works for Chloe . . .
Love your photo contrasts at the end.
Dream and Real are not always on the same page!

Guess what just arrived today . . .
I love my “newbies!”
Thank you!
Praying for your sweet Chloe that this treatment will work for her. I love those two pics at the end of your blog....so real! Take care!
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,, so sorry to read about Chloe, and yes, we'll pray for her..
I have to laugh,, I look at all those sweet dreamy 'cottage' style type magazines.. and then look at myself,, dirty jeans, hair pulled back in a pony tail, dirt under my nails.. etc.. and try as I might,, I will never have one of those cottage homes or beachy style or country mountain style homes.. but I will always have a home that reflects my crazy personality,, which by the way,, changes with the seasons.. but that is what makes it such fun, Right?
Hugz to you and all at BHA......
p.s., I still have snow on the ground,, want some?? lololol!