Take A Walk With Me

There is such a difference between mornings and afternoons at this time of year.  

We start our day dressed in layers to fight the chill... but the chill doesn't last long.  

The sun is at an angle that still allows for me things to warm up pretty quickly.

Yesterday was a perfect autumn day... warm, breezy - and finally the ground was dry enough for the leaves to crunch beneath my feet.  

The colors are at their peak right now.  

The woods are filled with gold, orange and russet.  The woods still echo the chirping of crickets and an occasional lone katydid.  Before long those songs will cease and the woods will be silent.  

And so I immerse myself in everything that autumn has to give and am thankful to have a day to enjoy it.

Our day was filled with outdoor activity: shuffling animals to and from pastures,

 barn chores, and walks in the woods.  I took Chester and Annie on a walk to the stream and thought it might be nice to bring you along as well.
If the video does not show below, click here to view it on YouTube.

We took a long bike ride through the colorful countryside.

It's lovely that we don't need to travel in order to enjoy the autumn colors.  The hills all around us are filled with changing leaves.

Autumn breezes rustle through dry corn.

Pumpkins lie in fields... perhaps rejects of the harvest?

 I hate to see produce go to waste...that's a whole lot of pumpkin pies out there!!

Today is going to be another sunny, temperate day, here, on the farm.  I'll be spending most of the day outside again... enjoying the beautiful countryside!

Have a wonderful day... where ever you may be.



colleen said…
That is A LOT of pumpkins. I'm telling myself that maybe they are going to go back and pick them..... waste not want not. xxxx
Anonymous said…
Beautiful colors! We are waiting on the colors to hit our trees- it is taking a long time this year. We've been planning for days, to drive an hour+ to the west side of the Cascades, to hunt mushrooms (chanterelles). I am SO looking forward to this. Thanks for the walk through the woods.
daisy g said…
Wow, you have so much color already! It's absolutely gorgeous.
Enjoy this gift of a day.
littlemancat said…
We're starting to get more color here in Chester county, so beautiful! Loved the video, and so glad the hay delivery didn't happen! Hope he recovers soon,and reports his illness?
Lynne said…
Love your posts . . .
Browns moving in.
Cooler Warmer All In A Day
(Really cool here this morning.)
Each day has me cutting things back, cleaning, clearing. Busy time!
That field is FILLED with pumpkins . . .
Hope they don’t all turn to waste . . .
I am happy I live in 4 Seasons land!
Marcia LaRue said…
I love a walk through your woods ... so peaceful and quiet! I suspect that is true for your bike rides through the countryside, as well!
My goodness ... that farmer could sell those pumpkins for all things pumpkin ... not just pies! Bread ... soup ... puree ... roasted ... cookies ... goodies for the pigs! Then, too, they could also donate them to whomever wanted any of them or to a food kitchen! Disgraceful to let them rot in the field!
It's only suppose to be 57 here in S. CO today ... nice cool day!! That will have a lot more Aspens and other trees putting on their Fall colors!
This N That said…
Our colors are beginning to catch up with yours..It is indeed nice to not have to go anywhere to enjoy them..
Thanks for the walk...The video makes it an easy walk..Your mushroom picture is frame worthy..very cool..I have had my windows open most of the time..I walk around here and hear heat pumps running..Oh well..I'm always warmer than everybody else it seems..Enjoy this gorgeous day..xxoo
Loved the video. I watched it three times. Do the dogs wipe their feet before going into the house? Lol.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i just came back from ohio and the drive through the mountains to get there was beautiful. the farmers leave the pumpkins to decompose and ne pumpkins will grow there next year. on some of our farms, the farmers drive over them with their tractors to give them a headstart.
Bev....did you know that sheep love to eat pumpkins? We used to live by a sheep farm and after halloween we would take all our pumpkins over to the sheep. They loved them! I sure hope all those pumpkins that you pictured are not going to waste.