It's hard to turn on the news these days and not be saddened.
California is being decimated by wildfire.
 The Gulf coast has been ravaged by hurricanes.
And the Covid pandemic rages on.
There are so many souls having to bear so much pain and suffering
that it makes me feel guilty enjoying the sweet life
that we have here on the farm.

And yet, it is all the more reason to enjoy it...
being ever-grateful.
There are no guarantees in life and I know full well
that my own life could turn on a dime.
It's something we all need to bear in mind...
never taking a single minute of any day for granted.

Strangely, this week, our skies have been very hazy...
not quite cloudy, but not blue either.
Each day, the temperature rises, but stays a good 10 degrees
below the predicted high for the day.
I read, yesterday, that the haze in our sky is smoke that 
the Jet Stream has moved across the country.
I can only imagine what the skies look like out west.

It's times like these that I have no words...
only overwhelming feelings.

Life, here, marches on as usual...
there are chores to be done,
animals to be loved,
food to be made and bread to be baked.

I have been sewing daily, trying to stock my Etsy shop...
more masks and aprons are listed daily.

We continue to wait for word of a new grandchild,
and at that point I will have my two littles to care for here on the farm
for a few days until their little brother is settled in at home.

Our world has morphed over the months since the pandemic occurred.
Our social circle is small.
We take calculated risks in order to spend time with our loved ones...
but aside from that, we live a fairly quiet life here on the farm.
I am not complaining.
A quiet life suits me as well as Hubbs.
We are lucky.

Many are not as lucky.
Many feel isolated and lonely.

There are times when blogging seems trivial in the face of all that is
happening in our world.
And yet... maybe it's in these times that we need happy stories the most.
Perhaps sharing our life and the beauty around us is all we can do
in these difficult times.

Please know that even though my stories may be lighthearted....
my own heart is heavy with concern and compassion
for those who suffer.

I hope that spending just a little time here on the farm with us
helps to make your day a little brighter.
Please know that you are in my heart.


Ann said…
Yes, your stories are welcome and healing. Thank you!
Marsha said…
I agree with your thoughts.
Susan said…
Thank you again for sharing your days with us. I always look forward to reading your blog as I know it's full of a peaceful quiet life that I so need to hear about during this time. I love all the animals, they bring us back to the basics.
The JR said…
You have a very kind heart and it shows in your blog.

We thought central Mississippi was going to get impacted from Hurricane Sally. She changed course and we haven't even had enough rain to note. The temps have been cooler. The wind is a blowing. But, so far, all is good.

Carolyn said…
Your blog is so uplifting and brings sunshine to my day even when skies are gray. Thanks for sharing and caring.
daisy g said…
Those before me have said it well. So grateful for your blog. It's got soul. Look forward each day to the bit of sunshine it brings.

God bless us, every one.
Margy said…
Bev What a beautiful post. Your touched my heart. I look forward to your blog everyday and share it with my husband. The farm animal antics make us laugh.
Please never stop living the life and sharing it with us.
Hugs my friend.
Jeannie said…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. This is such a hard time and it seems every time I look at the news (all too often) there is something else to bemoan. I find your farm posts to be soothing and I hope you keep them up for a long time.
Anonymous said…
Your blog is a welcome respite from the events of the day. Especially, the love you give your animals.
There are fires in every western state at this time.
Jody in Georgia said…
As the old song goes, "you light up my life"....It brings a smile and sometimes a giggle every day, even on a gray, rainy day in Georgia like today! This blog is your ministry to us. Thank you.
Marcia LaRue said…
Such a perfect way to start each day ... after the initial check-in on MSNBC! The "Good and the Bad" ... the "Ugly" happens throughout the rest of the day!
My son and d-in-l live in mid-California [the East Bay Area] and at the moment, according to my d-in-l, the air is better there ... however ... Oregon has the worst air quality ever experienced there! Washington probably isn't much better! The Weather Channel reported last night [Wed.] that the smoke has stretched across to Europe ... the smoke is beyond belief!
The number of dead from the Virus is beyond belief!
The fight to save our democracy and our Country is beyond belief! We will survive ... but it is going to be one helluva fight!
Keep doing exactly what you are doing, Bev. We all need and rely on you and the animals to start our days!! Love you and Hubbs, too!
littlemancat said…
Your blog is a blessing, probably more than you can imagine. The farm,the animals, your bread and gardens - all help counteract all the sadness and discord we are all bombarded with daily.
sheryl said…
I look forward to your blog post every day - you are living my dream and I so enjoy reading and just looking a your beautiful photography. Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time that it takes to blog - it is very much appreciated. Out of all the craziness in this world, it is very important to pay attention to all the little things that really matter and make our lives good. Being in nature and with animals tells me that.
Judy said…
You said you "feel guilty enjoying the sweet life" and that you are "lucky".
Well I just want to tell you that luck has nothing to do with your sweet life. You and your Hubbs worked very hard for many many years so that you could enjoy your retirement as you are doing. You deserve what you have. It wasn't given to you on a silver platter, you earned it. Don't ever feel guilty about that. And it's so sweet of you to share your beautiful life with the rest of us. I enjoy your posts immensely.
I love how animals live in the moment and don't worry about what's going on in the world, like young children do also. That's probably why we like being around them so much. I wish we all could live like that.
Enjoy your little slice of heaven on earth! And don't, for a moment, feel guilty about it.
Karen said…
Your blogging and sharing your life on the farm is getting me through these trying times - most days I feel like I'm dreaming (well a nightmare) when I watch the news . . .I start my day with you and your critters - sets the tone.

You are SO right - life hangs by a silver thread .. .I love these words:

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet" 

Emily Dickinson

xoxoxo Karen
This N That said…
I like letting my mind wander with thoughts of the farm and what a perfect hideaway you have. It’s the perfect Way to escape today’s world. I am envious. You are very lucky and I am happy that you have that choice. Your blogs are always uplifting... You shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s so nice that you share. Hugs

I agree - Today's world is a scary thing, these farms we nurture are our shelter from the storm.

Leslye said…
With all that is happening around the country you are the ray of sunshine everyday and your caring always shows.Everything seems right when I am looking at the surrounding beauty,your wonderful animals and your appreciation for everything.Thank you!
It's so calming reading your blog. I can 'hear' the donkey's munching their peaceful. At this crazy time, our animals bring us a normalcy. They have no idea life is any different and continue with all their goofy antics....and we love it. Enjoy your day. Patty McDonald
Junebug said…
I for one is very thankful for your blog. It always bring me a smile to my day. Yes, the smoke is horrible here in Oregon. I have my lights on all day for it is do dark. But I am one of the lucky ones that still has a home. So many homes have been lost to the fires. Keep blogging for we all need a little good right now.
Sue said…
Blessed is what we are, to have you and your beautiful farm to brighten our days. Best wishes to your soon to be little one, I can't wait to hear all about it.
As to your pics., I check in daily, but don't remember a post that pointed out, that you have 3 roosters in the house. I'd thought, based on past posts, that more then one rooster is not a good thing?
I hope they're all behaving themselves! ;)
Lynne said…
Beautiful post Beverly . . .
I am thankful for my blog connection world.
For my iPad . . .
Sad for all those who are not feeling as connected
and have very little people contact right now.

Yes indeed, feeling thankful, it could turn In a flash.

Haze in our air . . . I can’t imagine how it must be in the west.

I LOVE my new apron! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ™‚
I love reading your blog every day Bev. You are such a cheerer-upper. Just to see your daily routine and know the peaceful life you are living, is enough to set my heart at ease. I'm sure many others take great comfort from your daily stories and wonderful pictures. I too feel very sad and pray for those in much worse circumstances than I....especially knowing that some of the fires out west have been deliberately set. I pray for all those in harm's way....and I appreciate your kind heart and that of your husband too. Thank you for all you do to cheer up our world every day!