I'm Ready, Are You?

These are the days when we rise before the sun...
heading to the barn beneath a starry, moonless sky.

The earth is so still at this time...
almost silent.
Neighboring cows moo and break the silence.
In the distance a coyote yips...
another one answers.

And then, except for the crunch of my boots on gravel... silence.

Some of the solar lights are still burning on Maven Haven.
I had the foresight to bring all of the hanging plants,
that had hung on her front porch,
 into the house.
Yes, it's that time.

The fiery glow of a heat lamp illuminates the door to the pig stall.

The pigs are sleeping inside, cozy beneath the warmth of their lamp
on this still, September morning.

We've dressed in layers...
the mercury has fallen to measure 28 degrees.

As the sun rises to meet the horizon we see the sparkly glaze that has
enveloped the ground.
That's it... the first frost has come.

What's left of the garden is soon to fade.

We've hit the pivot point between seasons
and jumped the fence to an early autumn.

I'm ready.
The buzz of summer busy-ness was delightful,
but it's soon time to rest...
to recharge our batteries.
To turn inward.
To enjoy the fruits of summer's labor.

There is a comfort in this change of season.
We swaddle ourselves in layers and layers as a coziness
settles in our soul.

It's always at this time of year that I become inspired
to cook and bake and create.
I've spent months helping Mother Earth with her creative magic...
now it's time to create some of my own.

I baked more bread this weekend.
The loaf on the right is Rosemary/sea salt.
The loaf on the left has maple glazed walnuts baked into it.

This book has become my bread bible...

The cold weather reminded me that it was time to bake an autumn tradition...

a recipe from my childhood that brings back sweet memories
with each delicious bite.
I will share the recipe HERE.... you might make it your tradition, as well!

Since we last chatted, I made an additional nine aprons for my Etsy shop.
Yes, that is a lot of sewing.
However, Hubbs was gone (golfing) Friday and Saturday...
and when I have extra time on my hands, I can be very productive.
I made more of a couple that seemed to be favorites,
just in case someone missed out the first time.

I spent some extra time with the equines...

tidying them up a bit... combing, brushing, spot-cleaning dirty areas,
picking hooves, 
and clipping bridal paths.

At the end of it all, they looked lovely.
A phenomenon that lasted all of maybe a half hour.

There must be nothing more fun than to get completely filthy
after having been groomed.

After a week of hazy (smokey) skies,
our beautiful blue skies returned.

All of the animals are enjoying the cool weather.
They lie in the sun to absorb it's rays,
without overheating.
It's a well-deserved break for all of us!

Some days it's best that I walk...
as there is no room in the gator for me!
See him smiling?  He knows he is being a tease.

Well... still no baby (yet)!
Apparently, this little fellow is in no hurry.


Karla said…
Bev, I want to say thank you for your always uplifting posts. I love your perspectives on life: seasons, animals, work, and play! I choose to focus on what I want to see - beauty, love, nature and contentment. I truly believe that we find exactly what we look for. So, I look towards you and your blog.
daisy g said…
Yes, we are also enjoying cooler temps. What a welcome relief. It sure makes me more productive, and that's saying something!

Enjoy your beautiful blue skies.
Lynne said…
Thanks for the cheer and smiles . . .
Yesterday was the best Michigan blue sky, cool, fall day ever! PERFECT. ..
Sounds like weather reached North, South, East, West!

Your aprons have been a “blast!”
I need to check out Etsy today and see what is still available . . .

Laughing “at the troops” getting cleaned groomed and it lasting only five minutes.
Our one little less than ten pounder was bathed yesterday and
she managed to find a patch of something, first trip outdoors, to get it STUCK in her curls . . .
jaz@octoberfarm said…
it's such a wonderful time of year. i am enjoying every second of it . we go back to summer starting tomorrow. i made my mabon cake this weekend which looks very much like your harvest cake.
Oh my goodness how I love apple Cake! Better than chocolate lava, better than double chocolate, better than devil's food, yes, I am a chocoholic. The first time I had apple cake was at the dinner after a funeral. I was pretty young but I still remember that cake. Do you find that strange? Ha. Chester is definitely laughing at you.
This N That said…
The best time of year..We had frost on grooves the past two mornings..Gone before I got up..I think it will be awhile before our grass looks like yours did..Apple Harvest cake !!! Yum..I remember Fred used to stir the batter..so heavy..I might have to make one and pass it around the neighborhood...Oops...I don't have any more pans..I used to bake it in an angel food ring..Gone!! Those equines!! Mollie rolls as soon as I pick her up at the groomers..What's with that anyway??You have been sewing up a storm..so glad your items are in demand..Is it because people are home and spending more time in the kitchen?? Enjoy this beautiful weather..We could use some rain...doesn't look like there is any in the near future..Hugs