The Importance of Childlike Wonder

Yesterday was a day filled with all sorts of magic...
as is any day seen through the eyes of a five-year-old.

The world through the eyes of a five-year-old is an
extraordinarily magical place.
There is wonder in the tiniest of things...
like the way a grasshopper flies across the hayfield,
landing for just a moment then hopping back into flight again.

Our days, this week, with Mackenzie were filled with all of those
simple delights.
At her request, we sat ourselves down at the edge of the field of dreams
and patiently waited.

We had had an inkling that the fawn that I had watched play in this very spot
the previous week might again show himself...
and we were not disappointed.
Sadly, I missed the photo opportunity, having left my camera in the gator,
and not wanting to startle the fawn.

We sat still and quiet for several minutes watching it as it
looked back with curiosity at the three beings at the edge of the meadow.
It was a truly magical moment...
furthering our belief that in our field of dreams...
dreams really do come true... you only have to believe!

We witnessed something unusual back at the house,
and luckily Hubbs was able to get a video to share with you....


Lisa said…
The YouTube link doesn't work. It says it's private.
colleen said…
I wish I was on the edge of the field of dreams with you.
Couldn't get the video as it says private :(
littlemancat said…
Fabulous video of the praying mantis! Never would have expected to see one on the feeder - many thanks to Jack for catching it.
And love you and Mack's quiet time at the field's edge - and matching hair! <3
Diane said…
I have never had a Mantis on one of my Hummingbird feeders, though I saw a TV show where the Mantis would grab the Hummers and eat them! I don't think your Mantis was big enough to do that!

PS You have the best dimples!
daisy g said…
Love the matching hairstyles. Too cute.

Yes, there is so much magic in the world, if only we open our eyes to see it.

An amazing video! I can't wait to show my boy!

Enjoy your weekend.
Margy said…
Oh what a wonderful day! Don't let the praying mantis on the hummingbird feeders they are there to get the hummers. We actually saw it happen and its a terrible thing. If he comes back gently move him on his way!!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
that hummingbird doesn't seem too happy. i guess praying mantises have sweet tooths! was it sticking it's foot in to get the nectar?
The magic of childhood is so, so fleeting. We should enjoy it while it lasts!
Marcia LaRue said…
What a marvelous video ... Love it!
I had no idea mantises had a sweet tooth and never knew that they would grab hummers and ... OMG ... eat them!!! OMG x 10 !!!! LOL
Like others said ... love the matching hairdos on you gals! So cute!
Hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!!!
This N That said…
Great catch, Jack..Love the Praying Mantis feeder...!!good shot..
Fun that Mack has you both as mentors...great for too..magical times
Enjoy your weekend on the water..Hugs
I love the matching hairdo's on you and your little grand girl. So cute. I don't like seeing the mantis on your hummingbird feeder...they do some nasty things to hummers, that I don't think you'd like.
Lynne said…
Amazing video visitor and the hummer!
“Who is at my feeder!”
Leslye said…
You can sure see the family resemblance to you and Mackenzie.So pretty.My daughter had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a praying mantis kill a humming bird at the feeder.We were shocked! now whenever I see one near the feeder I relocate it.I also had an experience with one when I saved it from drowning in our pool it bit me and drew blood.