Watching Little Ones Grow

Depending upon how long you have been visiting us here on the farm,
you may remember me talking about "our girls".
Though not related by blood, we have fondly watched these girls grow up.
(starting with their Mom, as an adolescent)
Their first visit to the farm was back in 2012.

Little Maggie, at 3
Macy, at 5
They visit us several times yearly, and, at times, 
stay here on the farm, house-sitting when we go away on vacation.
After months of quarantine, we were happy to have them come for 
a farm visit yesterday.

We love their visits... and they love the farm.
They've grown a little since their first visit here, haven't they!

Over the years they have contributed to our farm family.

First, with a handful of rowdy roosters that they had 
hatched in Macy's school classroom.

Two summers ago, they brought a dozen mallard babies
that were inhabiting a neighbor's swimming pool.

These are now the mallards that spend their 
winters on our pond -
going off in the spring to mate and raise families...
and returning again in the fall.

All of our critters get a big dose of love when the girls come for a visit...

and a big dose of treats as well!

Their mom rescued one of the new chickens
who had found her way out of the yard,
but couldn't figure out how to get back in.

Sally asks, "what is this game?"

All of the equines get a little loving as well.

I'm not sure who is happier...
the girls or the animals!

At one point, Griz snuck up on Sammie and gave him a good slap.
He'd be happier if there were no dogs.
But since that's not going to happen, he makes it his business to give 
them a good swat whenever they get close...
just for good measure.

I have always maintained that although life on the farm is wonderful,
 it is even better when it is shared with others!

Our barn has three active barn swallow nests this year.
Here's a peek into one of them...

"Where's lunch??"

Hopefully these little ones will not try to fly until they are 
absolutely ready and able...
because, there are two little black rafter kitties that are
very curious about them!


colleen said…
I remember these girls. I think they are beautiful inside and out. Makes me happy to see visitors at the farm. It always amazes me how a bird nest will stay together. I hope the babies stay put until they can fly to safety.
Marsha said…
I remember the girls!! The picture of the one girl holding the chickens and one on her head is such a cute picture!
Ne güzel fotoğraflar. Ben elime alıp tavukla fotoğraf çektiremezdim:)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hahaha...tht barn kitty is eyeing dinner!
My folks had swallows in the barn and they would dive bomb the cats and they would get really close. I don't think the cats got in any of the nests but they still felt threatened.
Jeannie said…
Those are some lucky young ladies to get to spend time at your farm and I bet you feel lucky to have them visit, too! Your animal crew seems happy to see them as well. We have a nest of swallows that is just about overflowing right now. I don't see how they can stay in there much longer. I hope yours make it out safely!
This N That said…
Wow...seems like just yesterday that the rowdy roosters came to the farm..The girls have gotten so big..It's so nice that they visit from time to time..Sammy doesn't seem the least bit concerned about Griz...Cute pic! I hope the birdies make it..The rafter kitties are just waiting..another cute pic!! Enjoy your day!!
Lynne said…
Looks like a grand visit for the little girls and the animals!
Feisty cat you have there!