This And That

We seem to be stuck in a streak of beautiful weather.
Perhaps a beautiful summer is a consolation prize for enduring
all of the weirdness that is 2020!

Blue sky always makes flowers look even more beautiful,
doesn't it?

I spent a good portion of yesterday off the farm.
I had my first appointment in the salon and my hair once again
looks like it belongs on a human being.
My hairdresser is a single operator with her own shop,
so I felt that that was a safe undertaking... just me and her.
I also visited the grocery store while I was in the area.
All of this is an hour away from where we live,
so by the time I had finished my errands, half of the day was behind me.

By the time I returned home it was afternoon chore time,
so I headed out with newly purchased graham crackers in hand
and visited all of my friends.
The horses were happy to let me know that they LOVE grahams!

Once everyone had treats and were fed and watered,
the dogs and I headed into the pasture to pick up manure.

Ordinarily, as soon as MaryAnn spies me, she heads over to enthusiastically say hello.
For some reason, yesterday, she was too busy grazing to
visit with me.

"So, what do you say, we go for a swim, Chester?"

All one need do is toss a stick into the pond,
and Chester dives in.

Over and over he willingly jumps in to retrieve sticks.
I never would have guessed he'd turn out to be such a water dog.
But, he just loves to swim!


I've had many questions regarding our missing runner duck.
I have not seen her in two weeks, now.
Oddly, the rest of her family hang out all day long in 
an area of our farm that borders a neighbor.
There is a lot of dense underbrush in his yard,
which makes me wonder if she is in there somewhere nesting.

Time will tell.
It just seems like the rest of her family are there waiting...
day after day...
in the area in which she was last seen.


daisy g said…
Hope she turns up with a brood! ;0D
Lynne said…
Returning ones hair to “its usual” sure feels great . . .
Perfect salon to visit, one on one.

I hope the mystery of the Runner Duck is solved soon.

Blue sky days and flowers, yes! VIVID . . .

It truly has been the best summer I can remember.
80-90 degree days, cooler nights, smiling!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i wonder if that duck is nesting? hope she is!
It is going to be in the 90's for at least another week. I may want to jump in that pond with Chester!
Marsha said…
It has been so hot and dry here...water, water, water!
This N That said…
I hope you are right about your missing runner....Chester is living the life..Glad you are enjoying this weather..I come home dripping wet when I walk Mollie..Not too enjoyable for either of us..Pretty to look at thru the window....Love the color of the Hydrangeas in the second picture...Happy Thursday...Hugs
Always so fun to come to your blog, Bev! Sure hope your runner shows up soon. I always love your pictures of the sky and flowers and beautiful animals everywhere we look. Enjoy summer. It's very hot here but I won't complain (too much) because I can still remember our loonnggg winter.