Morning came early yesterday,
as I awoke shortly after 4 AM.
I had been dreaming that a baby was crying,
then my brain kicked into gear and I realized
that it was Ivy, our house cat, meowing to come in
from a night on the prowl.

Not wanting to waste the cool of early morning,
we got out of bed and headed out for morning chores.
The fairy lights were still burning brightly around
Maven Haven during this twilight hour.

It was early enough that the horses had not yet wandered down to the lowest
of the two upper pastures.
Most mornings they are there waiting for us,
but yesterday, we had to call them home.

Willingly, they came to us and we all headed back to the barn.
Some, slower than others.

It wasn't long until this was the scene at the barn -

6 AM, and everyone is asleep.

I did a little work in the garden and then headed home to do laundry,
and some kitchen cleaning.
I havested the last of the sugar peas...
which has grown so large that they needed to be shelled.
I also grabbed an handful of Mexican gherkin cucumbers for salad.
They are pretty tiny... these are in a single-serving, ice cream bowl.
(to give you an idea of their size)

I just love that they look like fairy-sized watermelons!

On the subject of gardens... I thought you might enjoy a peek 
at all of the flowers that we have blooming right now.


Last autumn, before a global pandemic was on the horizon,
we made plans to rent a beach house for a week this August,
so that we could vacation with our family.
This week, we came to the conclusion that vacationing is not in the cards
for us this summer... and so, we cancelled our plans.
Such is life for everyone these days.
Although we would have had a wonderful time,
I cannot waste time feeling sad.
We have so much for which to be thankful!


colleen said…
Speaking of dreaming...I dreamt of snakes two different nights since you posted the picture of that humongous one..let me remind you I don't like snakes!!!! I love the early morning hours. Maven Haven looks so peaceful with her lights welcoming the way. Your tiny gherkins happened to make me think, we haven't seen much of your fairy gardens this summer. I do hope you show the beautiful flower footage come January. Sorry about your vacation and yes it's best to concentrate on all that we have to be thankful for. xoxoxoxo
Marsha said…
Sorry about the vacation...
Carolyn said…
Your flowers are so pretty - the music so relaxing. You indeed have heaven on earth at your home. Thanks for sharing.
Diane said…
Your summer flowers are stunning! It's so nice to have my morning cup and enjoy your farm and all the critters. Thank you for sharing your enchanted life. We do have so much to be thankful for!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
my zinnias are all blooming right now. i planted them outside from seed this spring and they are so tall! sorry about your vacation. i know how you feel. but i figure the best thing to do now is stay in and stay safe.
Marcia LaRue said…
Those little gherkins do, indeed, look like fairy-sized watermelons! LOL They are just too cute to eat!
Another beautiful morning brought to us via the drone ... it's the only kind of flying I am willing to do! And ... I can afford to do it! LOL
The flowers are all so beautiful and if you can dry so many of them ... a wonderful addition to your Fall decor!
This N That said…
Pretty flowers..So glad we have our gardens..Ivy stays out all night?? The little Hussy..Those little cukes are so cute..What do they taste like?? Sorry about your vacation but it's for the best, I think..Have a happy day..Hugs
You have a good attitude about the pandemic and cancelled plans.
Oh my Bev.....what a beautiful array of flowers you have. One is prettier than the next...and the colors.....they are awesome. Your place is gorgeous! Praying that your poison ivy is getting better.
Lynne said…
So many “pretties” . . .
A joy indeed.
Cancelling things seems to be happening for all of us.
Hopefully some of these plans can be a reality next year!