Happy Fourth of July!

Heading into the Fourth of July weekend,
we have entered that part of summer where the days are hot and humid
(above 90 degrees).
Insects abound... flies, beetles, no-see-ums, etc.
With these conditions, putting the horses out to pasture at nighttime
is essential.

Their new grazing muzzles are working out great.
They get enough to eat, without gorging themselves,
and their weight looks pretty good for this time of year.

Each morning when we reach the barn,
we look across the yard and see this sight...

After a long night outside, the horses are more than ready to
return to the dry lot and the shade and cool of the barn.

We take Moonie's muzzle off and give him the freedom
 to walk himself back to the barn,

and he happily obliges...

right into his stall, where breakfast awaits.

I put Red and Ollie in their stall for their breakfast,
and invariably they do a little fighting before settling down to eat...
nothing serious, play-fighting, actually.

I walk over to see what the commotion is all about,
and am met by two very (guilty)
innocent faces...

We keep fans on in each of the stalls that they can easily access,
and they spend most of their day in these stalls, napping.
The fans help to keep them cool,
and also serve to keep the flies off of them.

After everyone has eaten their breakfast,
(a supplemental feed that rounds out their nutrition),
the ponies begin to groom each other...

as do the littles.

There must be some sort of non-verbal communication as to where
they each want to be scratched,
because they always seem to pick just the right spot.
(of course, they stop when there is an audience)

They stand there for the longest time, just scratching each other
with their teeth.

Poor Moonie... he has no one to groom him... except me.
Yesterday I trimmed his bridal path and brushed him...
not quite as good as another horse would do, however!

I finish getting everyone's fly masks on and we head up to the 
blueberry field.
We've been trying to pick our blueberry bushes every other day or so...

the blueberries are just starting to ripen.

Eventually we will be overwhelmed with blueberries.
(I froze about 50 pounds of blueberries last summer... just saying...
75 bushes gives a lot of blueberries!)

I've also been picking raspberries every day and pick usually about a pound
or two a day.
It's definitely a berry good summer!

Yesterday, after farm chores, we met some friends for a 
Rails to Trails bike trip...
riding 22 miles through farm country in a beautiful valley north of us.

We stopped for refreshments at this little stand...

which sits on the trail in front of this farm.

The stand has homemade lemonade and root-beer,
homemade whoopee pies and homemade granola bars.

If you were wondering what that low flat thing was in the farm's front yard...
it's a chicken tractor.
Hens have the ability to be outside in the grass, but safe,
under cover.
The tractor gets moved daily to fresh grass...
and the grass left behind is well fertilized.

I got back to the farm in time to do afternoon chores.
Walking into the barn,
 I looked up and was met with this little face looking down from the ceiling... 

"Oh, you're not my Momma."

Isn't that just the sweetest little pouty face ever!!

It's Friday again!
Can you believe it?
We have a big weekend planned.
Chloe is having her staples removed today and the donkeys
are both having their teeth floated (filed down).
Amanda is home from Colorado and will be here at the farm
until Tuesday.
We are having a small family picnic on Saturday and will see
our grandchildren as well.
We'll be back on Monday with tales from the weekend.
Have a safe Fourth!!


colleen said…
We only have 5 chickens and I think a chicken tractor is in order. I like Jacks Tee shirt. We have a pretty laid back fourth planned... fire in the pit, late day picnic style supper, and a dip in the pool for whoever chooses. You and yours have a great 4th and see you Monday. xoxoxox
Marsha said…
I love the babies!! Happy 4th of July.
daisy g said…
Such sweet babies. I hope the two black kitties leave them alone.

We are getting a few chickens soon and will be using a chickshaw, which is mobile and provides protection. Fun, fun!

My hubby saw a video about someone who created a "scratching post" for cows. It's like a giant stiff brush on a long stake. The cows just rub against it whenever they have an itch. What a great thing for Moonie!

Enjoy your Fourth. All is quiet here.
Jeannie said…
I loved today's post. So much fun to learn about the horses and get a glimpse of their personalities. Your bike ride looked like so much fun! With all those blueberries you will be like the 'Bubba Gump' of blueberries...blueberry pie, blueberry scones, blueberry smoothies... Happy 4th of July!
Lynne said…
Looks like summer all the way around!
Enjoy the weekend!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the baby bird is too cute! have a wonderful weekend. i am glad you can spend it with family. we are back on total lockdown because people are idiots and refuse to wear masks.
Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Fourth of July.
This N That said…
I love Jack's tee shirt!! So glad Moonie has you to take care of him..I can't imagine riding a bike in these temps on hot macadam...Never heard of a chicken tractor..great idea..Cute little Peeps..We have bard swallows in one of the bluebird houses...They are beautiful..Enjoy your weekend..Happy 4th to all..Hugs
Katmom said…
Life is good on the farm,,, and I swear,, there is never a dull moment! or lack of weeds!!!
Hope you all had a lovely 4th... hugz