We Have Some Catching-Up To Do!

It's been two days since we last chatted,
and we have so much to catch up on!

for a quiet stay-at-home weekend,
it certainly was an eventful one.

Friday, upon bringing the donkeys in from the pasture,
I checked Chloe's neck to see if it still looked ok.
Earlier in the week, she had developed a rather large lump, 
(a hematoma - collection of blood),
which Dr. Becky had checked, and it seemed fine...
just something to watch.

Friday, however, upon inspection, I realized that
her incision had opened a little and she was oozing some very
"yucky" drainage.
We gave her a sedative so that Dr. Becky could remove some of her staples
and open the area a little larger to better allow for drainage.
It's always better to get the bad stuff out!
She's back on antibiotics (Oy... it's not an easy process, but we manage)...
with three-times-a-day wound cleansing
(to keep it from sealing over).

All in all, we have managed to accomplish all of the above,
and Chloe only hates us a little.
It's going to take some time to get back on her good side, I fear.

Saturday we had a pizza/stromboli take-out lunch with my Mom.
The food was from a local winery, and we reheated it in the pizza oven.

It had been three months since we had been able to visit
with each other. But, now that warm weather is here, we visited
outside in the fresh air, and everyone felt safe.

After lunch, Hubbs and I took a long bike ride 
through the beautiful countryside.
The previous week's storms had cleared out the humidity,
so riding was comfortable.
I saw several snakes along our ride... no pictures this time!

Back home again, we headed out to clean pastures.
MaryAnn was happy, as always, to see us,

so I spent a little time conversing with her.

Hubbs took a break with the dogs to just take in the beauty of the day.

There's nothing like a pig to disturb a peaceful moment!

Our friends and neighbors, Jim and Kathy texted us that they had 
just seen the elder runner ducks, but that there were only four of them.
We searched the farm and found that same group... only four.

If the fifth one had been grabbed by a predator, 
there would have been a struggle;
so a pile of feathers would be the best indicator that that had happened.
We searched the pastures... no feathers... and we felt pretty sure that she
had not been taken.
Eventually we found her hiding by herself.
Apparently the boys were a little more amorous than she was in the
mood for, so she left the group to spend a peaceful afternoon hiding
in the front pasture.
Before tuck-in time, I walked her back to her house for safe keeping.

Saturday night, when feeding the pigs for the last time,
Hubbs noticed a toad in the pig stall.

The pigs were oblivious to their little visitor,

 but I was afraid they might step on him,
so I relocated him to the grass in the front pasture.

Sunday, we did the mowing.

Thanks to all of the rain, the grass had grown quickly,
(we had just mowed 5 days before)

As I was mowing along the edge of the indoor arena...

I came upon this fellow -

A 16 inch snapping turtle... from head to tip of tail....
probably headed for our pond.

I gave him wide berth, and advised the dogs to do the same.

I haven't yet mentioned our fairy gardens.
In addition to the ones from past years,
I thought it would be fun to add one to Maven Haven.

I used an old metal tool tray,
and carried out the theme of the cottage:

Peter Rabbit, napping, after eating all but one of the carrots
from Mr. MacGregor's garden...

Mama, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail find him
nestled amongst the cabbages...
asleep with his last carrot.

As you can see, the grass has grown in nicely around the cottage,
and the garden is bursting with blossoms...

Pink bachelor's buttons:

Pink Cranesbill, wild geraniums:


And tiny, pink English daisies -

In another garden, this fellow looks like he has a full head of hair!

I planted an old rusty pig trough with verbena.

Early Saturday morning, I did a little sewing...
making 5 new linen dish towels -

and an outfit for me...
Linen pants with a cotton homespun pinafore top...
natural fibers to stay cool in the summer heat.

A question from Friday's comments was how we get our dogs to stay home
when we go for a bike ride.
They stay inside the house any time we leave the farm...
which is rarely.
We have to close and lock all doors and low windows, or Sam
and Chester would try to escape.


colleen said…
This was a fun packed blog. Sorry to hear about Chloe. I had been wondering about your fairy gardens and I love the one you added to Maven Haven! My heart did a little flop when there was only four runners...they are my faves. Your outfit is absolutely adorable. I will go back later in the day and look at this post again. xoxoxoxo
Lisa said…
I have a fairy garden. But this year I have no idea where I put it for safe keeping! Don't you hate it when you put something away so it can be safe but then it's so safe not even you can find it! I love your fashion attire. I was born in the wrong century.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i hope that turtle made it to the pond before someone grabbed him for soup. i love your new outfit and the fairy garden.
I'm glad that one loner runner duck is okay!
Oh gosh. My fairies saw the new place and are excited. I told them I would ask you if it is okay if they visit again this year. They would like to be there over the fourth of July if possible. They are planning to pack tiny jars of honey for your biscuits which they love so much. They did tell me that they like to scratch the pigs bellies. They just fit underneath.
Boni said…
Bev, you wear me out with everything you do in one day or one weekend! You are so inspirational and give me great ideasLive all your pictures and animals!! Look forward to reading of your adventures every day!
Beachgram said…
So much of interest in today's blog that once thru was not enuf.
Karen said…
Hey Bev - I would love if you made bib aprons out of linen - that beige stripe is gorgeous - and sell them in your store. Linen or plain denim. I see women wearing faded denim aprons and they look so neat! Extra loving to Chloe from our critter family:)
This N That said…
What an eventful weekend....Sorry Chloe got junky..Hope it heals OK now..Glad you had a nice visit..we are not permitted any company..Some ignore that, some don't..I ignore it when it comes to my cleaning lady but then, I leave when she is coming....The last directive was "visitation thru glass"...Glad you found the runner..
Wow..That's a big snapper..They can wreak havoc to the fish population, baby ducks and turtles too...SHe probably laid some eggs somewhere..They used to come up from the wetlands to lay their eggs..Love your fairy garden..another winner...Cute outfit..You need pig tails!!! Hugs
Lynne said…
One more . ..
day brightener.
I love following you.