So Much For Social Distancing!


Yes, that's a lovely nose you have,
but seriously, I am trying to get your entire face!

Some folk around here have no concept of personal space,

let alone, social distancing!

There, that's better!

I was in the horses' dry lot checking on Chloe's neck incision,
but, as you can see, sometimes everyone needs a little piece of me...
and a simple task takes a bit longer than planned!

As for Chloe, she is doing quite well.
Now one week post-op, her incision looks great -
a little swelling that needs to re-absorb, but that's about it.

As for the pathology report... the tumors both were sarcoid.
Apparently it's not an unusual donkey malady.
It's not malignant, but it is something that will have to be treated.
And, most likely something that will plague her for the rest of her life.
Once her incision is completely healed, and we remove her
staples, we will begin a treatment with a topical cytotoxin (topical chemotherapy.)

Chloe is not the easiest donkey to handle, so applying a cream
will have its challenges.
(With Chloe, everything is challenging.)
Thank goodness she and I have a strong bond... we will get through all of this!

After a cloudy start to yesterday, the sun came back out
and brightened everything.

Colors just pop in the bright sunshine.

It's iris season... short, but oh, so sweet!

The garden has exploded with growth in the past few days.

Minerva is back from Down Under, but is spending a couple
of days at the spa...
getting some pampering and a whole lot of waxing!
Now that everything is growing, she will return to her normal
station tending the garden boxes.
I'm sure she'll make an appearance tomorrow.

I harvested some yummy lettuces yesterday,

and a whole lot of radishes.
These long French breakfast radishes are the best!

I spent the better part of yesterday morning working on a sewing project.
I'll share that with you tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Hubbs was outside working on the pool.
We have been aware these past couple of weeks of a pair of 
very loud frogs that had taken up residence in the rain-filled cover
on our pool.

In the process of draining that water so that the cover could be removed,
Hubbs found that these frogs had set up housekeeping and had 
40 to 50 tadpoles and polliwogs with them.
Not wanting to harm these noisy amphibians,
he scooped them all out into a bucket 

one little one coming to the surface for air
and took them to the pond.
two more...
Hopefully they will live long, happy lives...
until they croak.

Last, I wanted to share a photo that Hubbs snapped from our bathroom window.

I have found Indigo Buntings very difficult to photograph.
They are quick and elusive, and very rarely visit our feeders.
He was lucky to get this one!

What an extraordinary color he is...
as blue as the sky.


colleen said…
I would be in my glory, nose to nose, with Moonie in my personal space. Thanks for the update on Chloe. We had our first Indigo Bunting many years ago and what a sight to see. Last year one stopped by for only a couple of days. They are so bright blue that they almost look out of a good way. Can hardly wait to see Minerva!!
Lynne said…
Everyday there are happenings of life, substance, art around . . .
We each can find those things around us . . .
Although not sure if it will be a surprise Indigo Bunting . . .
Oh my, the color, beauty, a treat indeed.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
until they croak...hahahaha! willie was an excellent patient. very unusual for a chow.
What a beautiful blue that indigo bunting is!
This N That said…
Glad Chloe is coming alom=ng..I hope she becomes more cooperative down the road..We can always hope.. Beautiful Iris..Anxiously awaiting Minervas arrival..Your garden looks beautiful..The grass was a good move..WE used to sell Bullfrog tadpoles..I seem to remember that they are very territorial..aggressively so..I brought a coupe home to my pond and it was survival of the fittest..I think they killed each other off..Bullfrogs are territorial...Your pond should be big enough to handle them...WOW...Beautiful Indigo Bunting..I have never seen one..Good catch!!
Steph said…
I've never heard of that bird, but boy is he a beautiful blue! Your garden looks spectacular, we just finished ours two weeks ago so will be waiting awhile to harvest.
I love the way Hubbs takes care of the little creatures. I bet he was a very caring doctor with a big heart.
Can't wait to see Minerva and what she will be wearing.