Full Baskets

There is nothing like the sound of little voices
to bring this farm to life
in an extraordinarily special way.
It's been three months since tiny feet have run free here,
filling the air with laughter.

Finally, this week, the littlest of our beloved grandchildren
came to spend a few days on the farm.
And my empty baskets are once again full!

Baskets once filled with conversation and fellowship,
touch and hugs,
have gone unfilled for months.
Oh, I have missed sharing this wonderful place
with those I love so dearly.

I took a few days off from blogging so that I could be 100%
present and immersed in playtime,

and gator rides,

garden adventure,

and animal love.

It was three days of Grammie Heaven...
and my heart is full.

The rest of me is exhausted!...
in the best possible way.

Easton ate his weight in garden greens,

while Mackenzie lavished affection on Griz.

We had quite the adventure on Wednesday morning...
rescuing the big ole snapping turtle that had been hanging around the arena,
earlier in the week.

Wednesday morning we found it trying to crawl into my garden, it's head
stuck through the fence, but its shell not budging.
With a very hot day predicted, we thought it best to rescue
this fellow and re-locate him in the creek down the road.

Hubbs got him into a trash can,
and we all transported it down to the creek.
He happily swam into the deep part of the creek.
Operation Turtle Rescue was a pretty big deal...
and one that I am sure will be remembered for a long time!

It's good to be back here in the blogosphere again.
Today is going to be a busy day.
Chloe is having chemotherapy beads implanted in her tumor area.
The rest of the equines are going to have their teeth floated...
at least we will be starting that process today.

I'll be back on Monday to share more about all of that.
Until then... I hope you can find a way to get some of your baskets filled!
Sending love and hugs from the farm....
have a great weekend!


colleen said…
I am so happy to hear that everything was made right for you! I love seeing your grands on the farm. See you Monday xoxoxo
I love how you tell your stories with such great photos!
daisy g said…
So happy for you. I'm sure they were just as thrilled to be spending time with you and Hubbs.

Teeth floated? Please explain next week! ;0D

Enjoy your weekend.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i bet those little munchkins what fun! did they love haven maven? were as happy as you to be there!
sbrgirl said…
Yippee! Go, go rides!
This N That said…
Glad your baskets are full once more..I'm sure it was a fun couple of days...You have the best place for children to learn and explore..SO glad you rescued the snapper and put him/her away from your pond.. Be on the lookout for little snappers..I remember baby turtles on my front porch...Wht do the ducks and turtles leave the wetlands to lay their eggs?? Then, when they hatch they take them right back?? Did you ever find your Runner??
Lynne said…
I loved hearing about your happy time!
They grow so fast, taking off a few days to enjoy “just them” is so wise!
They remember as do you!
“Snapper” Is no doubt happy too!
Enjoy the weekend!
Everything looks great....including the sweet little people on your farm. Sorry to hear about Chloe...never heard of chemo beads being implanted! and as somebody else asked....did you find your missing runner duck? Hope so.
See you Monday. Have a great weekend Bev and fam.
Your grandbabes are growing up so fast! Were you able to get in a tea party with Mackenzie? I am sure she will love the Maven Haven.
Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Wonderful way to spend time on this beautiful earth. Uplifting, unlike so much of what's on the internet as of late.