I Might Have Jumped The Gun

I doubt that I have enough fingers to count the times
over the past two months that I have proclaimed the arrival of Spring.
Each time, as I hit the "publish" button, 
flighty Spring left the vicinity leaving Ole Man Winter with his heels dug in.

(That's Ollie peaking through the fence to let me know he wants to come home to the barn.)
Judging from the many comments you have left me in this time,
I believe many of you have had the same experience.

It's funny to have such an unusual spring in such an unusual time.
If you feel like I do, Spring cannot arrive too early this year...
especially this year.
And yet, she waited until the last possible moment.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say
[with fingers crossed tightly]
this time its for real... Spring has finally arrived.
And it may be the shortest Spring ever, with Summer just 
a month away.
Typically by this time I have my garden planted,
and my flowers planted around the farm.
As of now... none of this is accomplished.

Today is the start!
I will be diligently working on finishing up the planting
over the next few days.

Yesterday was mowing day.
With that finished for the week, I can concentrate
on the garden.

When yesterday's work was finished, I climbed the fence
into the front pasture...

and sat down with my favorite pig - MaryAnn.

(shhh...don't tell Ginger... not that she'd care.)

She walked circles around me, grunting her excited greeting...

the one reserved for only me...
and occasionally for the donkeys.

After several minutes, she laid down right smack against me,
awaiting her belly rub.

We sat there, together for a while...
and then MaryAnn decided to get back to eating.

I hopped the fence and headed home for dinner.
Along the way I was greeted by our neighbor dog, Ellie Shelley.
You may remember her as a pup...

Now, she is a teenager.
Seven months old and such a big girl!

Lately I have been craving dessert.
And lately we have had none (Hubbs is not a big dessert eater.)
(I am!)
I decided to bake a pan of sticky buns.

I am going to have to freeze most of these,
or I will eat them - all way too fast!
I wrote down the recipe for you.... HERE.


Marsha said…
Sticky buns look great!
OMG we will all be over for sticky buns and tea.
I'll come and eat the rest of those sticky buns for you!
littlemancat said…
Those sticky buns look so good!
I like your photo of the Ground Ivy - the flowers are a beautiful color. I know it's considered a weed, but was once used medicinally. So much to see if we pay attention - as you do, Bev.
Beachgram said…
Love MaryAnn and Ginger as well as the sticky buns!!!
This N That said…
Warm sticky buns with vanilla ice cream...Yummy..Putting them in the freezer wouldn't help me..They would have to go into a safe that's combination was unknown to me....I'm with you..a sweet tooth for sure..Ellie is a cutie..My flowers have spent four of the last seven nights in the garage..I think they are out for good now..Enjoy Spring..short though it may be..hugs
Ha Bev....freezing those sticky buns wouldn't work for me....I would end up just pulling them out of the freezer and eating them frozen or not!