No Stuffy Afair

Spring had arrived in The Haven.
The birds were singing in the branches of the blossoming plum tree.

Bernadette Bunn had awaited this day for months.
Finally, after weeks of planning, it was Spring Party Day.
"Hurry up, Reggie! she called from the front door,

"The picnic hamper is packed... we can't be late!"

Reginald Bunn, who had been upstairs buttoning his Sunday vest,
quickly hopped down the stairs to join his wife.

"We have to stop at the barn on the way to the woods," 
he said. "We have a couple chores to do on our way."
Reginald and Bernadette Bunn lived on a farm
 in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.
They had spent several years homesteading and were expecting their first of many
baby bunns.... they hoped.

At the barn, Reggie fed the chickens,

while Bernadette gave the pigs their favorite treat -

Ritz Crackers!

After feeding the animals, they hopped on their trusty donkey

and took off for the woods.

Meanwhile, down the lane,
Bertram Badger and Marietta Mouse were sitting on the front porch
of their garden house.
Bertram Badger was The Haven's gardener, while Marietta made
a modest living as a seamstress.

They were very soon going to walk across the meadow to meet their friends,
Phinneas and Clementine.
They had all been invited to the Bunn's Spring Party in the woods.

Emerging from his den at the edge of the woods,
Phinneas T. Phox, who was quite the dapper gentleman,

was on his way to pick up his fiancé, Clementine Cat.
He was dressed in his very best tweed jacket and woolen knickers.
He had meticulously tied his new ascot around his neck
to complete the outfit.

Clementine lived in the hayloft of the Haven's old barn.
She had spent most of the morning getting ready for the party,
and was happy to have the chance to wear her new party dress.

The perfect couple, Phinneas and Clementine, set out
through the woods.

Clementine, being the social butterfly, stopped by to have 
a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Gnome.
They mostly talked about the weather,
but Clementine was just happy that they had seen her in her new dress.

As the couple approached the meadow, they saw
Bertram and Marietta making their way through a field of bright yellow flowers.

Bertram had stopped to smell the blossoms.
Being a professional gardener, he had spent 
many hours planting bulbs and cultivating
this particular patch of daffodils.

Being married to a gardener definitely had its benefits,
Marietta thought, thinking of the beautiful gardens surrounding their home.

Eventually, Phin and Clem caught up with Mari and Bert.
The two couples greeted each other warmly and headed in the direction
of the woods.

Bert was excited to share his garden tales with Phinneas,
and Phinneas, being a gentleman, let him go on and on
about compost and pest control.

Uninterested, the girls stopped for a minute to rest and talk about
the latest in fashions.
(Marietta had just finished sewing Clementine's party dress earlier that week.)

Before long, they reached the woods...

and had only a short walk left to get to the party.

Having arrived minutes earlier,
the Bunns were putting the finishing touches on their party.
Bernadette had brought her very best tablecloth,

and Reginald had set a lovely table with their very best china.

Their guests arrived and lively conversation ensued.

Bernadette and Reginald were eager to tell their friends
about their Bunn in the oven.

Reginald beamed proudly as his wife made the announcement.

Their guests clapped and cheered in glee!
After all, there was nothing as exciting as new life in the Haven.

The friends drank their tea and ate their cakes and had
just the best time visiting.
It was the perfect Spring Party...
the perfect celebration of friends.
What a fun summer this was going to be!


Louise Stopford said…
How delightful!!! I bet your grandchildren loved this story.
colleen said…
Bev you are so very clever and this post is just so much fun. I can't wait until quarantine is over and I can share this with Jada.
The JR said…
I love them. You are a wonderful seamstress. Did you create your own patterns?

I love the way you dressed them too.

Such a cute story. Your grands will love having a tea party with them soon.
Susan said…
How wonderful and what a breath of fresh air! I love them all, the clothes are great and I know a lot of work into each one. How in the world did you get them to stand up and hold hands? Thank you for the time you took in the story and making the photos and for sharing with us.
Janet Forrest said…
Absolutely loved the story and your wonderful characters.
This N That said…
You are so clever. What a wonderful story and what a lovely cast of characters. Great way to start today. Loved it. Hugs
daisy g said…
I see a book series in your future! Amazing!
So charming! Reminded me of Beatrix Potter!
Anonymous said…
So wonderful! And a baby on the way!! How exciting :) Marcia
littlemancat said…
Love the sweet characters and their party fun! Yes, Beatrix Potter-like! This would make a good little book.
Jacky said…
So cute - can't wait to try my hand at making these. Thanks for the inspiration.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love how you make friends in this time of social distancing!
I was so interested in this story. Ha. It would make a great children's book. I wonder if the fairies took part in the tea party.
Michle said…
Where did you find these patterns for your animals that you made. Hope to read more stories about them in the future.
Karla said…
That was awesome!!! Bertram is very handsome :))
Barbara Beach said…
How fun! A lovely spring picnic party!!
Marcia LaRue said…
Like so many others commenting ... children's books should be in your near future! However, proofing before hitting send must be a priority!
Such a lovely little springtime tale with your little Haven and woodland creatures ... might we see some of the little woodland faeries joining the group anytime soon?
You are such a joy to read every morning, Bev.
Hugs from Marcia in CO :)
Eileen in Fla. said…
I've said before that you need to write a book about the farm (like James Herriot) but now a children's book too. Your Grands are so lucky to have such a creative, enchanting story-teller Grandma.
Karen said…
How utterly enchanting! Why couldn't you make a book out of these characters? You have lots of story lines living on the farm . . . SO sweet!
Jody in Georgia said…
Absolutely charming.....and I agree a book series should be in your plans! Thanks for sharing this charming tale.
Joyce F said…
How fun! It reminded me of Beatrix Potter and of the Susan Wittig Albert Cottage Tales series which I am rereading. Love how you sewed all these.
Lilly said…
This made me smile. Thanks Bev!
Wow ....this was just awesome Bev. I loved it. What alot of work you went to making all these darling characters and their wardrobes. I loved the story and especially the picture around the table in the woods where they look like they're all holding hands and perhaps whispering a prayer. Your blog never ceases to surprise! What fun!
Anonymous said…
Oh Bev! what a whimsical charming tale! I love your "Haven Folk";Thank you for inviting us to the Spring Party!! and I agree with the others a Book series would be wonderful!

Debbi Saunders