Never before has the prospect of Spring been
so important as it is this year.

I find myself hoping, each morning when I open my eyes,
that today will be fair enough to make outdoor work

Somehow, with all that is happening in the world,
the germination of seeds and the greening of the earth
gives me a feeling of hope.

Just like the cold, grey winter passes and the earth is renewed
again by springtime...
then so will this season of contagion be replaced by 
another season of renewal.

With Spring comes a whole new list of chores
that need to be done.
This year, especially, I feel a true sense of purpose,
as I pull weeds and get the garden boxes ready to plant.

This year, more than ever, growing our own food feels right,
and maybe even necessary.

I am thankful that I decided to start so many seedlings in the greenhouse.
Normally, in Spring, I make many trips to the local garden center.
This year might be an exception to that rule.
Regardless, there are flowers and veggies in the greenhouse...
enough to fill my garden boxes and flower beds.

And with over 120 tomato plants thriving...
enough to give away as well!

All of Pennsylvania is now on a shelter in place order.
For us, the only hardship in this situation is the inability
to see our loved ones.
But, we do what we can thanks to technology.
Daily chats via the internet keep us close.

I've been treated to a daily guitar concert by Tyler...

and lots of video visits with the Littles as well.

Other than that, our normal life is somewhat
built for this.

In a few short weeks we will produce most of what we eat.

We do find that each day seems a little longer than normal.
The days are full, but there is a little extra time left over.
If you know me well, you will know that this
is by no means a complaint...
quite the opposite.

There's plenty of time for work and for
There's time to just sit with the animals.

And I'm sure they can't help but notice the
more relaxed pace of the farm these days.

My handmade menagerie has kept me busy...
a project that I might not have otherwise found time for.
Eventually, our grandchildren will have a whole village
of forest friends to dress and play with here at the farm.
Marietta Mouse is my latest project...

and Barnabas Badger is on the cutting table.


colleen said…
Did you start your tomatoes in the containers they are in or the smaller holed ones and transplant? Do you thin out the extras or plant them as they are? (some look like two or three next to each other). TIA xxxxx
littlemancat said…
Sweet kitty love - how good that these once frightened little feral babies have become loving. And you did that, Bev.
Love the blue skies in the goat pic!
That Sammie is such a handsome fella and I think he knows it. Your garden of lettuce looks wonderful. I would love to have a big chef salad right now. Doesn't that sound good?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love your little managerie!
Anonymous said…
Any advise for those of us who usually give our garden bounty away, but need to begin to learn to can and preserve? Thanks
This N That said…
It should be warm enough this weekend to be comfy outside..Today would have been good except for the wind..It looks like you have a great start to your garden...You will have tons of tomatoes for sure..Glad you are finding some time to relax..Stay well..Hugs
Lynne said…
Love your little “creative critters” . ..
Your grands will enjoy!
Fun times ahead with all those greens sprouting!
Bring on spring . . .
Today we enjoyed a PERFECT spring day!