Sunshine On My Shoulders... Makes Me Happy!

Yesterday's sunrise brought clearing skies,
and turned the  rain-soaked upper pastures 
into fields of shimmering diamonds.

The clouds gradually dispersed 

and a beautiful sunny day emerged.

A good "solar" day is what we call it...
knowing that as each minute passes we are making more and more
So far, this year, our solar panels have provided 
for all of our electricity needs...
even with switching over to an electric car and an electric gator.

Spring has definitely arrived.
Just ask the turkeys.
They spend their days puffed up - 
proudly displaying their masculine physiques in hopes
of attracting the ladies.

Sadly, no ladies are to be had.
Instead, they follow me around the farm strutting and

"Sorry, guys... you're handsome, but,
you're just not my types!"

It's time for the four-leggeds to shed their winter coats,
and no one illustrates this better than Sally.

Beneath that puffy, sheep's coat of cashmere is a sleek,
ginger goat.
Her Mama, O'Malley wears a similar coat.

After finishing my goal of sewing three dozen surgical masks,
I headed out to the garden to soak up some of the
fabulous sunshine.

There's much work to be done in the garden.
Very soon I will transplant the young kale plants
that are growing in the greenhouse.
Kale is very cold-tolerant and should thrive well
in the chilly spring weather.

So... as you can see, we are all doing well here.
Everyone is observing social distancing guidelines...

Sunny days like yesterday definitely help prevent cabin fever.
All is well...
hopefully with you as well.

Hugs from the farm!


Marsha said…
Sunshine is wonderful!
Thank you for the Sammie picture. He is quite a handsome fella. We finally have sunshine here today but with all of the rain we have had, we have flood warnings and the ground is soaked thru.
Lynne said…
Sunshine on my shoulders too . . .
Helps a bunch!
This N That said…
Looks like we are having sunshine every other day...At this rate, we won't need April showers..Handsome turkeys indeed..Hope you are having a good day..hugs
Nuri said…
And in the absence of sunshine in my place, I can always bask for a bit in that which you generously share!