Out And About

After a string of soggy days with varying types of precipitation,
yesterday's sunshine was greatly enjoyed.
(It's raining again today.)

Everyone was out in the pastures, slogging across the spongy ground....
leaving deep footprints behind.

It is the soggiest February in our farm history-

and has gotten to the point that we must use the tractor to navigate
the muddy compost pile area.
(after having gotten the gator stuck in the mud!)

The chicken yard is a swamp, so Mr. Elwood takes his girls

and heads for dryer ground.

The donkeys and horses got a little (much needed) time out in the front pasture.
We keep them in the dry (not dry right now!) lot on rainy days- 
otherwise they run and tear up the grass.

The pasture is quite eaten down at this time of year,
so they are given a little hay as a supplement to what they can find to graze upon.
Getting out still gives them an opportunity to get a little extra exercise
and some mental diversion.
They spend about 7 hours out and about...
just being horses.

When they were finished, I ventured out in the pasture with a pull cart
to clean up the manure.

I was elated to find these growing in our little locust grove...

Can you believe it?  It's only the middle of February and the
daffodils are already up!
I truly feel that spring is going to come early this year.

While out in the pasture, MaryAnn was calling to me from her yard,

so I headed over and opened the gate...
allowing the pigs and sheep to join me.

It had been a week since they were able to be out and about...
so I knew they would enjoy the extra freedom.
Because the neighborhood hawk seems to be staying away from our land,
the birds have all been free to explore the pastures -

the runner ducks' favorite pastime!

It's funny.  Although the 12 runners have become one big flock,
they often split into their original groups of 5 

and 7 while they are out exploring.

Bi-partisan ducks...
it's that old "us vs. them" mentality... even in the animal kingdom.
"Listen guys... you're more alike than you are different," I admonish.

(mother and daughter... never far from each other.)

By evening, the rain began again.
I know we'll all survive,
because the earlier part of the day was the pause that refreshed.
The silver lining is the fact that with all of this precipitation,
we will likely have a beautiful spring and early summer.
And by the looks of it... it won't be long before the earth starts to show off her colors!

I hope, if you are in the midst of a dreary, rainy February,
that a little sun comes your way as well.


Lisa said…
It's been a very mild winter here also.
I have to ask a silly question, how early to you get up to write your blogs? Because I'm up early 6am AST and you've already posted! Wow. You're very dedicated. 💞😄
Marsha said…
We gto snow yesterday and now a arctic freeze yuck!
We have had so much rain, there is a pond in my side yard where no pond should be. It snowed about an inch last night. I am sooo ready for spring.
Christine said…
January and February have been hard on me. I've been trying to find more balance and peace in my life. Your blog is a delight and brings me peace, thank you for sharing. I always look forward to reading it.

Northern UT.
Jody in Georgia said…
We've had unusually high rainfall this year already and the temp yesterday was 71...tomorrow it will be sunny but the high will be 48! It's been see-sawing like that a lot this spring. I've been blessed to pick daffodils to bring into the house twice this year so far, but it's to get down to 29 at night this weekend so it may discourage them.....
This N That said…
I guess all this rain could have been snow..I would like to have just one nice snow storm before winter is over..I'm not so sure it ever came..Our Snow Drops have been blooming for weeks..All the bulbs are up 6-8 inches..Even my Hyacinths are peeking out..Great "Steppin out Rooster" picture..Hope you are enjoying yet another grey, soggy day..followed by brrrr1 xoxo
Well, I envy your rain a little bit. Tonight we will have 20 below and our snow piles are way above our heads. I don't see an early spring coming for us anytime soon. So will just have to enjoy your blog if an early Spring comes to you! So fun to see your daffodils springing up! I have paperwhites that are thinking of blooming soon inside our house! Take care Bev!