New York At Christmas

It's 10 o'clock at night... Thursday night,
and I have just arrived home from a day trip to the city.
My eyes feel like they're full of dust... tired from driving the past 3 ½ hours.

I should be heading to bed,
but, if I do that, then we'll miss our daily chat.
And so, I am going to upload a few photos from our day to share with you...
lovely sights from around the city at Christmastime.

We arrived in the city late morning and headed to Brooklyn Bagel,
for what I personally feel are the best bagels in the world.
We took our bagels and cream cheese and hiked the Highline,
an elevated train track that has been converted to green space...

With a stop at Hudson Yards to check out this observation tower,
copper egg-like structure...

It takes a wide-angle lens to capture the whole thing as you stand in front of it.
From here we headed uptown to see...

The Christmas Tree and ice skaters in Rockefeller Center.

Across from Rockefeller Center is Saks Fifth Avenue store in its Christmas finery.
When the sun goes down the front of the store is transformed into
a magnificent light show.

Saks' windows are filled with scenes from the new Frozen II movie...

Olaf, everyone's favorite snowman...

If only my Littles could have seen these windows!

Macy's decorations were magical as well.

Their store windows...

Indoors, the decorations were spectacular, as well...

We also visited the tree, 

ice rink, and Christmas Market in Bryant Park.

Times Square is festive no matter the season...
but especially colorful as the sun starts to set.

A trip to New York City after one has finished 
Christmas preparations is so much fun!
It's crowded and noisy and somewhat filthy in places.
It assaults your senses, and yet... it's magical as well.
A fun place to visit... and I am so glad that I don't live there!!

We finally (eight weeks later) received our Prius back from the shop,
so we can begin to drive our car off of the electricity that we produce.
Hubbs installed a deer whistle on the car...
hopefully this helps to prevent any further unwanted deer interactions.

Another weekend has arrived.
This particular weekend is to be a much quieter one...
but then, who knows... plans are always subject to change.
One thing is certain, however...
we'll be back on Monday to share some stories with you.
Have a great weekend...
Much love, from the farm!
(Boy, it's good to be home.)


daisy g said…
So glad I get to see the city from your perspective. I get very uncomfortable around all those tall buildings, so I don't venture into Charlotte unless I have no other choice.

The Macy's windows DO look magical! I'm so glad they continue the tradition from long ago.

Deer whistle? Do tell. It's the one thing I am concerned about when driving here in NC. We have deer all over the place.

Enjoy your weekend and your cozy nest.
colleen said…
How magical!! I am so glad you shared this. I'm a homebody and there are so many things that I'm behind the times on and I'm glad you caught me up with this adventure. You are the best Bev!!
littlemancat said…
Thanks for sharing the excitement! This country mouse would be overwhelmed,but do enjoy your photos and story. I love that owl in Macy's!
And I think you're wonderful to drive into NYC! The very thought scares me - like I said, a country mouse.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Looks like you had a fab time!
This N That said…
I could live in NYC if I could afford ir..Above Central Park closer to Harlem, it's much quieter..I miss my visits.
Thanks for sharing Macy's and Saks windows..You did a lot of walking..Long day for sure..Love the Owl ay Macy's..he's a beauty..I hope your deer whistle does the trick..Enjoy your weekend..hugs
Karla said…
Thank you!! I've never been to New York city so it was fun to see all the beautiful decorations and lights. I would feel the same way to visit but oh, so good to come home. Have a blessed weekend!
Lynne said…
I too love a trip “to the city” . . .
Yet being home again, is still the best.
The lure of glitz, largeness, diverse, glamour, theater, “street foodies” on and on
make for a great treat diversion but the quiet life lives in my soul.

Happy your Prius is healthy again . . .
And hopefully there won’t be another crash/glitch!
Lynne said…
One more thought, we do enjoy walking the Highline,